There was power failure for 20 hours in the scorching heat, two lakh population of Jugsalai-Bagbeda remained troubled – BollywoodWallah

– crisis. Supply halted due to fire in 33 KV high tension line in Salgajhudi

-People woke up, created panic for water

Karandih, Kitadih, Sopodera and surrounding areas were also affected.

Chief correspondent, Jamshedpur

Due to power failure for about 20 hours in the scorching heat (43 degree temperature), the population of about two lakhs in Jugsalai, Bagbera, Karandih, Kitadih, Sopodera and surrounding areas remained troubled. The supply of drinking water was affected due to lack of electricity, which further increased the problems of the people. According to the information, a sudden fire broke out in the 33 KV high tension line (double line) in Salgajhudi at around 12 o’clock on Wednesday night. Due to this, Jugsalai, Bagbera and Karandih sub-stations remained blacked out for hours at night. After about 20 hours, the power supply became normal on the second day at 8.30 pm on Thursday. Only then did the people of the area heave a sigh of relief. Although electricity was supplied at 5 am on Thursday, it stopped again after some time. People were troubled by the heat at night. Due to his lack of sleep, his work was affected during the day. Sanjay Prasad, a resident of Baghbeda, said that the power outage continued from Wednesday night till 8.30 pm on Thursday, which caused a lot of trouble. On Thursday, electricity came for some time in the morning, but after some time the line got cut. Meanwhile, Jugsalai residents Amar Singh and Rahat Hussain said that they faced a lot of problems due to lack of electricity in the scorching heat. People remained in distress the whole night. Water supply in Jugsalai was also affected. Complaint was also made to the officials of the electricity department, but the situation did not improve. Executive Engineer of Jamshedpur Electricity Division, Anand Kaushik said that there was a fire in the 33 KV high tension line near Salgajhudi, due to which the electricity was supplied by rotation from an alternative source every two hours. There had to be power cuts for one hour after the other. Power was restored after repairs were completed at 8:30 pm on Thursday night.

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