Sub committees will be formed in Tata Steel, many more challenges will emerge, preparations begin – BollywoodWallah

Chief Correspondent, Jamshedpur

Sub-committees will be formed in Tata Steel. A round of meetings is going on regarding this. Preparations have been started for the formation of sub-committees. Meanwhile, after the intervention of the management, there has been a division between the President, General Secretary and Deputy President as to how many people will get a place in the sub-committee. The committee will be formed according to whose wishes. After this, with the formation of further committees, new challenges are also going to emerge. It is said that many compromises are going to be made now. Under this, the aim is to reduce the number of JDC, reduce the number of 214 committee members in the union and also reduce the number of sub-committees. Its proposal has been given to the union. Similarly, the number of committee members of Tata Workers Union is also to be reduced. Since the number of employees has decreased, the number of committee members should be reduced. The Constitution can be amended regarding this.

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