YouTuber Farmani Naz’s cousin was killed in Muzaffarnagar, the attacker stabbed him several times on the neck and body

Lucknow : Youtuber Farmani Naaz’s cousin, who was returning from the farm in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, was stabbed to death late in the evening. This incident spread sensation in the area. The assailants inflicted multiple stab wounds with a knife. Due to which the young man was seriously injured. In a hurry, the relatives took him to the hospital, where the doctors declared him brought dead. On receiving the information, the police reached after taking possession of the dead body and sent it for postmortem and started searching for the accused. The incident is of Mohammadpur Mafi of Ratanpuri police station area.

In fact, 20-year-old Khurshid’s son Wali Hasan, a resident of Mohammadpur Mafi, was returning from the farm late on Saturday evening. When he reached Ratanpuri Salawa Marg, about 150 meters away from the house, suddenly unknown people attacked him with a knife. Due to which Khurshid was seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital, where the doctors declared him brought dead.

Khurshid’s relative Farman told that the incident happened late evening. Khurshid had to come from the farm and go to offer Namaz. Khurshid was attacked 150 meters away from his house. He had gone for a walk on Ratanpuri Salawa Marg, when the attackers came and first hit Khurshid near his neck. When he escaped, then hit him in the waist. After this, he was stabbed in many places with a knife.

Meanwhile, he called the other brother and said – Brother, save me, three boys had come on the bike. Killed me and left. When we ran to the spot, we saw that a lot of blood was coming out of Khurshid’s neck. While 8-10 stabs were done with a knife on his body as well. Whereas, the accused fled towards the Meerut road. After this, Khurshid was taken to the hospital. Where he died. Shahrukh said that he has no enmity with anyone. Farmani Naaz is his uncle’s daughter. He has nothing to do with this incident. We want justice. Three persons who killed are being told.

There was no clue of the murder accused

Country singer and famous YouTuber Farmani Naaz seems to be Khurshid’s cousin. The police is investigating the matter. So far there is no clue of the murder accused. Khurshid was unmarried. He has five brothers and three sisters.

Deceased relatives should get justice

Pravez, head of Mohammadpur Mafi village, said, the deceased was walking in Khurshid village. He was attacked at a distance of about 150 meters from the house. He is the son of singer Farmani Naaz’s uncle. The relatives of the deceased should get justice and the perpetrators should be punished.

Action will be taken by filing a case

Budhana’s CO Himanshu Gaurav told that 3 police teams have been formed in search of the murderers. The police have registered a case against unknown people. The search for the accused is on. SP Atul Kumar Srivastava said, the police is also probing the angle of enmity in the murder case.

Know who is Farmani Naz

Farmani Naaz is a singer by profession. She is a resident of Muzaffarnagar. Many videos of the songs sung during work at his house went viral on social media, after which his singing started being discussed. He has millions of fans on YouTube. She also appeared in Indian Idol season-12. Recently, she came into limelight by singing the song Har-Har Shambhu.

After which the Ulemas of Deoband had issued a fatwa against him. He had said that singing and dancing is forbidden in Islam. After this, Farmani Naz had replied to the Ulemas that when my husband left me, where were these Ulemas. In the name of Islam, these ulema declare every work of women as haram. Tell me where should women go if they go.

Husband married second while living with me

Farmani says on the fatwa of the Ulemas that these Ulemas have no idea of ​​the difficulties I have gone through. My husband used to sit with me and talk to another girl. He used to beat me when I stopped him, not only this, having a wife, he married another, then why didn’t these Ulemas remember Islam.

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