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You can login to WhatsApp without mobile number, these users will get new feature

WhatsApp New Feature for iOS Users

WhatsApp New Feature for iOS Users: In today’s time, there is hardly anyone who does not use WhatsApp. If a media report is to be believed, at present this platform is being used in more than 180 countries. Keeping in mind such a large user base and to improve their experience, the company keeps adding new features to its platform every now and then. Recently news has come that now the company is going to introduce a new feature for its iOS users. So let us know about this feature in detail.

WhatsApp New Feature for iOS

WhatsApp New Feature for iOS: If you are an iOS user and use WhatsApp, then this news is going to be very useful for you. WhatsApp is going to release a new update for these users. According to the information revealed, now users will also be able to link their email address to their account.

You can login with the help of email

You can login with the help of email: If media reports are to be believed, with the help of the new feature you will be able to easily login to your WhatsApp account with the help of your email address. Initially this feature is being introduced for iOS users. So let us know how this feature works.

WhastApp email address verification feature available

WhastApp Email Address Verification Feature Available: According to the report presented by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is releasing update 23.24.70 for iOS users on the App Store, which brings an additional verification process or layer.

Android users will get support soon

Android users will get support soon: If media reports are to be believed, this new feature of WhatsApp will soon be launched for Android users also.

whatsapp banned in these countries

Gradually all users will get support: WABetaInfo told that this new feature introduced by the company is gradually being introduced for all users. WhatsApp said that the new feature helps the user to access their account and is not visible to others.

Use email verification feature like this

Use the email verification feature like this: In a report, WhatsApp said that the primary method of login will be the mobile number. Email address verification is a great option for users who live in low cellular network areas. To use this new feature, you can visit Settings > Account > Email Address.

This new feature will be available in a few days

This new feature will be available in a few days: According to the information revealed, after setting the new feature, users will receive a 6 digit code through email address instead of SMS. If this feature has not come to you yet, it will be made available to you in the coming few weeks.


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