Yogi government will take help of IIT Roorkee experts for disaster control, MoU will be signed soon

UP government will take the help of experts from IIT Roorkee to deal with disasters. With this step of the Yogi government, the loss of life due to disasters will be minimized and people will be shifted to safe places before the disaster. For this, on the instructions of Yogi government, an MOU will soon be signed between the Relief Commissioner’s office and IIT Roorkee. Under this, experts from IIT Roorkee will provide training to the department’s employees on top management of disaster prevention. Besides, through research and assessment on disasters, we will ensure development and implementation of action plan before such a situation arises in the state. Additional Chief Secretary Sudhir Garg said that Uttar Pradesh is a sensitive state from the point of view of disasters compared to other states of the country. In such a situation, CM Yogi is especially focusing on this topic. Let us tell you that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had recently given instructions in the review meeting of disaster management to deal with it and study its causes.

MoU will be signed between the two soon

In this sequence, talks are going on regarding MoU with IIT Roorkee. An agreement has been reached between IIT Roorkee and the Relief Commissioner’s Office regarding the MOU. Soon an MOU will be signed between the two. This MoU will be valid for five years. Under this, experts from IIT Roorkee will provide training in disaster management as well as research on its causes. Not only this, experts will also research on the climate pattern, early warning system and risks of Uttar Pradesh. This will also pave the way for development of cutting-edge technologies and precise methodology to deal with disasters. At the same time, the experts of the organization will also be able to find out the reasons for the increasing incidents of disasters like epidemic, flood, drought, excessive rain, lightning in the state. Accordingly, the employees of the department will be made aware, so that the adverse effects arising due to disasters can be dealt with in time.

IIT Roorkee will also cooperate in consolidation related works

Meanwhile, Relief Commissioner GS Naveen said that experts from IIT Roorkee will also cooperate in disaster management and consolidation related matters. IIT Roorkee will play an important role in the settlement of consolidation cases through technical assistance in survey and measurement of land. Let us tell you that during consolidation, disputes often arise regarding measurement of land. In such a situation, experts from IIT Roorkee will help in solving it by using technology. For this, workshops, seminars, training sessions and courses will be organized. In this, the focus will be on using the research capabilities of IIT Roorkee in technology applications for disaster risk reduction and developing new solutions as per the needs of the state. The rights related to publications, patents, royalties, software, designs and developed technology etc. arising under the MOU will be decided on case-to-case basis as per IITR IPR Policy.

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