X Community Notes Elon Musk brings new feature on X, what is this

X Community Notes: A new feature has come for Indian users on the old Twitter i.e. now X. Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of X, Elon Musk has announced the rollout of a new feature called Community Notes in India. This feature has been launched worldwide in April 2022, but now it is being rolled out in India also.

Social media platform X has thus expanded its Community Notes program in India. This is a fact-checking feature that helps people learn about potentially misleading posts.

The Community Notes program is being launched in India at a time when general elections are about to begin in the world’s most populous democracy. Voting for the Lok Sabha elections is to be held in the country in seven phases between April 19 and June 1.

Industrialist Elon Musk wrote on the social media platform X, ‘Community Notes’ is now active in India… The official account of ‘Community Notes’ on With this, it is now active in 69 countries.

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What is the X Community Notes feature?
In simple language, Elon Musk has started this feature to stop the spread of wrong news on the X platform. Through this feature, X will add some users to its community notes program. X has made some rules to include users in the Community Notes program. According to those rules, users who become a part of the Community Notes program will be able to report any post spreading misinformation on X and for that, they will be able to tell other users the truth of that post by writing correct information through Community Notes. That means, in a way, this was fact checking of X’s post. (with language input)

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