World Cup 2023: Gautam Gambhir again targeted Virat Kohli, said- is your aim to score 100 or win the match?

A leader is only good if he shows it first: Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir said, what Rohit Sharma is doing is a revolution in Indian cricket which no PR or market agency can do. Rohit is leading from the front. He is playing for the World Cup. He further said, only that leader is good who, what he wants his team to do, does it himself first. If you expect positive batting from your team, then first you have to show it. You have to come to the front and demonstrate this. Rohit Sharma has shown this in this World Cup. Maybe the figures are not like that. In terms of runs, Rohit Sharma may be at number 10 or fifth, but when you will lift the trophy on November 19, it does not matter.

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