Who will win in the battle between uncle and nephew in Patan – Bhupesh Baghel or Vijay Baghel, know about BJP candidate.

Who will win this time in Patan?

Even political analysts are not able to say with certainty who has the upper hand this time. In fact, candidates from many regional parties are also in the fray in Patan. Therefore, it is difficult to say whose votes will be deducted. Let us tell you that voting took place in Patan on 17th November. 16 candidates were standing on this seat. A total of 2,16,917 voters were registered, of which 1,07,695 are male and 1,09,222 are female voters. Of these, 1,82,806 people used their franchise. 91,586 male and 91220 female voters voted. This time 84.27 percent voting took place in Patan. Counting of votes will take place on December 3 and on the same day it will be known who will win and who will lose the Patan assembly seat. Will Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel win again or like in 2008, Vijay Baghel will defeat his uncle.

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