Who is the female CEO Suchana Seth? Who was accused of killing his own four year old son and packing it in a bag

Bengaluru based AI startup CEO Suchana Seth Has been accused of carrying out a criminal incident which is being discussed in the entire country. In fact, the informant has been accused of allegedly murdering his four-year-old son in a Goa service apartment, after which the police arrested him. The police statement has come out on the matter. Police said that the woman was worried about living separately with her husband. He stuffed the child’s body in a bag and tried to escape in a cab, however he was caught. The accused had checked in to a luxury apartment in Candolim in North Goa on Saturday and checked out on Monday morning. Meanwhile, people want to know about Suchana Seth and are searching about him on Google. So let us tell you who is Suchana Seth

Who is Suchana Seth?

-According to the news published by the English website ND TV, Suchana Seth is the founder of The Mindful AI Lab. She has been leading this company for more than four years, which is working in artificial intelligence.

-Suchana Seth worked as an associate at the Berkman Klein Center for two years. Also contributed to Artificial Intelligence and Responsible Machine Learning in Boston, Massachusetts.

-Before founding The Mindful AI Lab, Suchana Seth was a data scientist at Boomerang Commerce in Bangalore. During this period he had filed two patents. She was also associated with Innovation Labs. Seth was working as an analytics consultant in the company’s Data Sciences Group.

-Seth has a master’s degree in Physics specializing from Calcutta University. Here he achieved first class honors in 2008.

-Seth has a postgraduate diploma in Sanskrit with first rank from Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture and a bachelor’s degree in Physics (Hons) with first class honors from Bhawanipur Education Society College, Kolkata.

what is the matter

The 39-year-old woman, who is the founder and CEO of a startup, has been accused of murdering her four-year-old son at a service apartment in North Goa’s Candolim. Not only this, he has also been accused of keeping the child’s body in a bag and hiring a taxi to go back to Karnataka from Goa. According to media reports, she did not want to let the child meet the father. For this reason this dreadful step was taken.

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