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When will the Shardiya Navratri 2023 fast start, know what is the auspicious time for establishing the Kalash and the method of worship.

  • On the day of Pratipada, the worship of Maa Durga begins in the morning i.e. from Brahma Muhoot.

  • In Shardiya Navratri, the worship of Mother Goddess is celebrated with great pomp and show.

Shardiya Navratri 2023: According to the Hindu calendar, the fast of Shardiya Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm starting from Pratipada Tithi of Shuklapaksha of Ashwin month till Navami Tithi i.e. lasting for 9 days. On the day of Pratipada, the worship of Maa Durga begins in the morning i.e. from Brahma Muhoot. Generally, establishment of Ghat i.e. Kalash is done in all the houses of Hindu families. In Shardiya Navratri, the worship of Mother Goddess is celebrated with great pomp and show.

Mother’s form is worshiped in different forms on different days. By worshiping the new form of Mother Goddess, all the troubles in the family go away. In such a situation, Navratri falls four times in a year. By worshiping in these months of Chait, Ashadh, Ashwin and Magh, all the faults in the family are removed. Mother’s blessings remain abundant on you. On this day, Durga Saptashi is recited for 9 days by setting up a Kalash in the house. Other Gods and Goddesses are worshiped along with it. On the last day of Navratri, after completing the lesson, perform Pathaka Havan. After that, feed the unmarried girls.

When is Kalash installation?

Auspicious time for establishing Kalash

On Sunday, October 15, 2023, from 11:12 am to 11:58 am, this Muhurta is Abhijeet Muhurta. It is very auspicious to establish the Kalash in this Muhurta.

  • Pratipada date will start from 11:24 pm on 14th October 2023.

  • Pratipada date ends on 16 October 2023 at 12:32 pm

  • This year is Pratipada date of establishment of Kalash. That which is beneficial is being created throughout the day.

How to establish Kalash

The worshiper should wake up in the morning, finish his daily routine, take a bath, wear clean or new red colored clothes, bring soil from Ganga or soil from a clean place. Keep the soil in the place of worship. Where to worship. Where the Kalash is to be kept, mix Saptadhana or barley in the soil. Place an earthen pot or a brass or copper pot on it. Pour water in it, or add Ganga water, wrap a coconut in a red cloth over the pot. Make a Swastika on the pot. Wrap the pot with a red cloth. Offer sandalwood, kumkum and turmeric on the Kalash. Put all the medicines in the Kalash and add betel nut. Then pray to the Kalash with strong hands. Then call all the Gods and Goddesses along with Lord Ganesha and worship them.

How to worship Durga Ji

Take a small stool and spread a red or yellow colored cloth on it which will be the seat of Mata. Place the statue or photo of Mata on it. Offer clothes to Mata, apply sandalwood, garland, then light Akhand lamp. Show incense sticks. In Naived Offer dishes along with seasonal fruits. Offer cloves and cardamom in the leaves of betel leaf. Add leaves of basil in it.

Worship material for Durga Puja and Kalash Puja

Rhodi, vermilion, betel leaf, betel nut, Raksha thread, Ganga water, rubi bati, rice, camphor cloves, cardamom, matchstick, betel leaves, red cloth, yellow sandalwood, flowers, jaggery, honey, curd, milk, sugar, panchmeva, fruits. Sweets, sacred thread, ripe banana, seasonal fruits, kajal, lamp, plate for worship, brass pot for worship, ease, Durga Chalisa book or Durga Saptshi book, cow’s milk for Panchmamrit, curd, makeup items. ,Knowledge of mangoes,Durva.

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