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In Bihar, there has been a decline in the land registry due to changes in the rules for selling land to settle the increasing cases of land disputes. According to the new rule, only those whose name is mentioned in the documents will have the right to land registry. After the change in the rules, its effect was seen in the District Registration Office on Friday. There was a decline of up to 50 percent in the number of people submitting deeds for land registry.

Number of registries decreased after change in rules

On Friday, deeds for registration of a total of 75 lands were submitted to the District Registration Office. Revenue of Rs 3 crore 12 lakh was collected from a total of 75 deeds submitted. It is known that the order was issued on Thursday after Patna High Court declared the changes made in the rules as valid.

Only 11 registries could be done in Patna

Before the change in rules, registry deeds of 80 to 85 lands were submitted. But on Friday, most of the people who came to submit the deed for selling land and house returned without submitting the deed due to lack of information about the new rule. However, the District Registration Office has pasted a notice informing about the new rules. A total of 11 registrations took place on Friday in the Under Registrar Office located in Patna City. Of these, registration was done for three miscellaneous and eight gift sales. This resulted in revenue of Rs 18 lakh 79 thousand. According to the Sub Registrar, before the new rules there used to be an average of 25 to 30 registries every day. But due to the new rule coming into effect, the registry has reduced by 50 percent.

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The speed of registration also decreased in Phulwari, Sampatchak and flood.

Less than 10 registries were done in Phulwarisharif and 20 in the Sampatchak Registration Office on Friday. Under Registrar Ashish Aggarwal said that before the implementation of the new rules, 25-30 land documents were registered. 12 land documents were registered in Barh block. About 25 registries could not be done in Danapur due to the new rule. People told that due to absence of names in Jamabandi, registration is not being done.

Less than 20% number of registrations in Bihta, Bikram and Masodhi also

On Friday, only 13 registries took place in the Sub Registrar Office located in Bihta Nagar, whereas earlier there used to be 40 to 50 registries every day. While on an average 60 to 70 registries were done every day in Bikram Registration Office, 14 land documents were registered on Friday. Apart from this, till 4 pm on Friday, only 15 people submitted the deed for land registry at the Draft Registration Office.

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