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when did we say

Balbhadra’s long Bhojpuri poem ‘Kab Kahlin Hum’ has been published in the Diwali special issue of BollywoodWallah. We are publishing it here for you also. You too enjoy it…

when did we say

when did you say

So that people come to our farm Sugga

Jan mare pecking at the ballian of Jonhari-Janera

When did you say O cowherd?

Paddy’s Pakal-Jhukal Baliyan Pa

Fuduk-Fuduk Jan Baith s

Panduk, Bakula, Neelkanth you guys

Jan Phatak s till the edge of the field

People idle in the field of Nilgai Rahar

When was it said that jackals come in the evening?

jan kare hua – hua

a lot of things

take home from the farm

blabbering loudly

Scarecrows eaten in the fields

Auri nahi ta ehni ke

Grandma – Atharaji’s Laga Gariyawali Bharhink

Overhanging scaffolding collapsed in the field

yes, there was noise

This could be good

so that the wheat is spread across the field

Come from Okra God’s Bhiri

Little birds don’t fly away quickly

Come on, don’t move away by surprise.

A couple of days ago!

eh chriyan ke udal

As much as you can, you can’t get anything.

O Bessie can’t be heard anywhere

Music of flying low from the earth, Ego, Phulukdar

Why don’t we say that

Hey Fudukjan!

O gentle one!

In the field, sawmills

Cow – in Goru’s Khurhethian

Jan Luka, Jan Ud s Fur Se

in the rice season

From Dondvan, from Cheran, from Ghonghan

a gift for sure

Baba, whether you stay or watch, when you stay.

R-Med of Dondvan, Baithal- Sustat

The laps began to beat each other.

Sait – No way, know for sure

That’s my gesture

Go away brother, go away

go away, leave the path

Crab leaves are red-pierced

How many times have you seen it?

That’s the father-in-law who dug a hole in the dam.

water will flow

The rest of the eyes see that Ohni’s Oriya Dev’s

When will your stubbornness stop?

He keeps saying that all this fencing is true

my wife’s farm, farming

Wherever I am, the world is in change.

Kanchan Barsela, Kanchan Upjela

The village which is becoming empty due to transportation

The fields are becoming empty from this life of animals.

Hamani ke chahla, na chahla ke chahla

Kahanwa rah gayil ba kawano meaning-meaning

Get caught in a period of Kavana-like development

That a butterfly took shelter in a mustard flower

That the grains of grass would disappear from the earring of Janera

Kekar ​​Hawe E Sarap

that of our farming

Tople is going unaccounted for

multinational grass

when did we say

That aav s, aav s, a multinational grass!

An American weed!

Aav s, our farming cannons, spread s

of our harvest

After Hamra Ghassan s

Come on, come to our country’s chest!

Jam s come rule s

When did we say?

When did you say?

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