Wheat crop in five bighas destroyed by fire

Singhwada. Due to fire in the wheat crop in Nasirganj of Nista Panchayat, the wheat crop in the fields of four farmers including Sarpanch Domu Das was burnt to ashes. Farmers are in trouble due to the destruction of wheat crop of about five bighas. It is said that on Wednesday afternoon, a spark emanating from a short-circuit on an electric pole fell into the wheat field. Due to this, wheat crop grown in about one bigha of Domu Das got burnt. Seeing the flames rising from the fields, the villagers gathered at the spot. On receiving the information, fire brigade vehicle also reached, but by then the wheat crop of Mukesh Das, Tuntun Das, Sanjay Das etc. was also burnt to ashes. The fire brigade and villagers worked hard to control the fire. The Sarpanch said that an application has been given for compensation for the damage and crop loss caused by the fire.

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