Whatsapp New Feature: You will be able to share WhatsApp status on Instagram also, the work will be done with just one click.

WhatsApp New Feature lets Android users share Status on Instagram: Meta, the parent company of the popular instant messenger WhatsApp, is continuously working on a plan to connect all its platforms. Meta company has recently started working on a new feature to share status in WhatsApp. Under this, users will be able to share any of their status directly on Instagram. For this, the company will also provide a shortcut in the status tab, which will appear in the form of Instagram icon.

How will you be able to use the new feature of WhatsApp?

Meta is currently working on this feature and soon it will be available for all Android users. After the arrival of the new feature, users will get the option to share status on Instagram along with sharing status on WhatsApp. To share status, users will need to link their Instagram account to WhatsApp. For status shared on Instagram, users will have to set privacy as per their usage in the Instagram app.

Search message by date feature being rolled out on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is rolling out a feature called Search Message by Date for Android users. With the help of this new feature, users can search any message in any chat on the basis of date. The company has recently rolled out this feature for its web users also. Those users who are active in a group with more members will benefit the most from this. In such a situation, it will be easy for those users to find any message which they may have missed due to some reason.

Feature available for these users of WhatsApp Beta

This feature of WhatsApp can also be completely controlled by going to the app settings. Sharing status updates on Instagram completely depends on the user. If the user wants, he can also turn off this option. With the introduction of this feature, a lot of time will be saved for the users. Currently this feature is available on Android version of WhatsApp Beta. The company may soon roll it out for everyone, but Meta has not given any official information about when this feature will arrive.

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