WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp is working on a new filter feature, know what it is

WhatsApp New Filter Feature

WhatsApp New Filter Feature: In today’s time, there is hardly anyone who does not use WhatsApp. If a media report is to be believed, at present this platform is being used in more than 180 countries. Keeping in mind such a large user base and to improve their experience, the company keeps adding new features to its platform every now and then. Recently, news has come that the company is now preparing to add another new feature on the platform soon. So let us know about this feature in detail.

WhatsApp’s new filter feature

New filter feature of WhatsApp: If media reports are to be believed, a new filter feature is being released on WhatsApp for better user experience. According to an online report, with the help of the upcoming feature, users will be able to see status updates and filters in the vertical list.

Revealed in the report

The report revealed: As per WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp is introducing a functionality that enables users to filter and browse through status updates in a vertical list. This feature is currently available for Android beta testers and users need to install the latest update version to access this feature.

Beneficial for whom?

whats: For your information, let us tell you that this upgrade is beneficial for those users who are not following any channel, who can complete the task of accessing muted status updates without the need of navigation to a separate section through the three-dot menu. Organizes well.

What is the new filter feature of WhatsApp?

What is the new filter feature of WhatsApp: The report also suggests that some beta testers may experiment with a new See All button to quickly view a vertical list of their status updates. In this section, some beta testers can access four filters that better categorize their status updates.

All Filter

All Filter: This filter shows all status updates from your contacts, allowing users to instantly access everything posted by their contacts without having to miss any updates.

Recent filter

Recent filter: Recent: This filter enables users to concentrate on displaying the latest status updates. This proves especially beneficial when users want to see the latest updates from their contacts without scrolling through older posts.

Views filter

Viewed filter: This filter is designed to show previously viewed status updates, helping users keep track of content they’ve previously viewed.

mute feature

Muted Filter: Particularly useful for managing and viewing muted status updates, this filter allows users to check for muted updates without these posts dominating their Recent Status Updates feed. This provides a more focused experience by separating muted updates from the main feed.

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