What did Amit Kasaria say about Atif Aslam?

The film Love Story of 90 has been in the headlines for some time now, because with this film, Pakistani singer Atif Aslam is joining the music of Hindi films after a gap of almost seven years. He has sung a romantic track in the film. Amit Kasaria’s name is associated with the director of this film starring Adhyayan Suman and Divita Rai. Urmila Kori’s conversation with Atif Aslam about this film and his return from this film.

The title of your film is Love Story of 90, is the film based on 90’s romance?
I have been a fan of the 90s. The romance that we talk about in cinema was of the 90’s only. Aditya Chopra, Sooraj Barjatya came in the 90s only. Nothing like that has come in romance since then, so I always wanted to bring that romance on screen. The name of the hero of my film (Adhyayan Suman) is Raj. His pillow pen is that my parents have given birth to me but the values ​​have been given by films. He is a boy of the 90s, he is also waiting for his Simran. As he grows up, he searches for his Simran, but he forgets that it is 2010. Things are different here. His heart breaks. After that the story goes till 2024. These three times have been shown in this film and along with the changing times, love has also been shown.

Were studies your first choice for this film?
Actually, I was thinking of doing a film with someone else because Adhyayan was busy with some project at that time, but my project got a little delayed. I thought of approaching Adhyayan once again and at that time he was free and he said yes to my film. Adhyayan and I have done the film Bekhudi together, so there is a comfort level between us and at the same time I feel that Adhyayan is very talented, but he has not got the opportunity that he should get.

Is Pakistani singer Atif Aslam making a comeback in Bollywood singing with your film?
I knew that the ban had been lifted. Bombay High Court had removed this ban last year itself, hence we had contacted Atif Aslam for this film. Atif was my first choice. It was the flagship song of the film, so I wanted to sing it to him and since the ban has now been lifted, I thought I could fulfill my wish. I would like to tell that Atif recently also lent his voice to a Punjabi film. I don’t understand why people have trouble singing in Hindi films.

Was the playback singing for this song done in Mumbai only?
No, Atif Aslam had recorded and sent it. Atif watched my film Bekhudi before singing. He wanted to see for whom he was going to work. However, Atif is happy to be associated with Hindi films again. They themselves want all this to end. Both the countries should work together.

Even though the court has lifted the ban, many political parties are still against it. Has any party expressed its displeasure to you?
Nothing like this has happened yet. Release time is not known. However, we do not want any kind of controversy.
We believe in the Constitution of India. If there is any problem then one can express his displeasure in a constitutional manner. By the way, I would like to tell that till now we are getting only praise. Atif’s Indian fans are happy. Even though there was a ban, people were still listening to Atif’s old songs.

Where was the film shot?
This film has been shot exclusively in Dehradun, Mansoori, Manali and Mumbai. 65 days of shooting has been completed, only 5 days of shooting are left.

What has been your background?
I started my career as an editor in 98. After that I have been the Vice Programming Head in Zee Network. From programming head I then got involved in ad films. After that in 2013 my first film I Don’t Love You was released. Reliance had produced that film. It was a small budget film but people liked it. My second film in 2021 was Bekhudi. After Bekhudi, this is my third film Love Story of 90.

Apart from this film, your upcoming projects?
Dreamer is the working title. This will be a science fiction film. I have been researching on this topic for 10 years. How a meteorite can destroy the Earth, but how can a hero stop the destruction? This is the story of this.

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