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West Bengal News: High Court Judge Abhijeet Ganguly will resign from his post tomorrow.

Kolkata: Calcutta High Court Judge Abhijit Ganguly said on Sunday that he will resign from his post on Tuesday. Justice Ganguly made it clear that now his next destination will be politics. He said that Monday will be his last day in the High Court. Whatever matters he has, he will release them on Monday. On Tuesday he will send his resignation letter to the President. Copies of the resignation letter will be sent to the Chief Justice of India and the Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court. When asked whether he would be a Lok Sabha candidate, Justice Ganguly said that if he joins a party and the party gives him a ticket, he would definitely consider it.

Tackled Trinamool Congress

Taking on the state’s ruling party Trinamool Congress, Justice Ganguly said that corruption has spread all around in Bengal. The condition of the state is very bad. The humiliating chapter is currently going on. He is not able to reach the common people from the court premises. He mentioned the Maurya Empire. He said that I do not think that those who are in power at present will be able to do good to the people of the state. Intellectuals will tell people to take the right decision. When asked why he was resigning, Justice Ganguly said that many people from the ruling party have challenged me. Accepting the challenge given to me through the TV channel, I have decided to resign. I congratulate Trinamool for this. On Sunday, Justice Ganguly also said that he will answer all the questions of the media after submitting his resignation. It is noteworthy that Justice Ganguly was to retire in the month of August this year. But, before that he has decided to leave his post. He said that he now wants to move to a larger area. That’s why he is resigning already. In recent years, as a High Court judge, he took many such decisions, due to which he remained in the headlines. He gave many important decisions, which were against Trinamool. Many Trinamool leaders including Kunal Ghosh had asked him to enter politics and fight. On Sunday, he again put this matter before the people. He said that this is the reason why he will now enter the field of politics. He has not yet made it clear which party he will attend. However, BJP sources say that after resigning, he can join BJP within a few days. There is also a possibility that BJP may make him a Lok Sabha candidate.


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