West Bengal News: Dead body of a person found in the bathroom of a house in Panagarh, West Burdwan, police engaged in investigation


West Bengal News: The dead body of 53-year-old Sukant Mukherjee alias Bappa was recovered from the bathroom of a house in Panagarh area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKankasa police station area under West Burdwan district. As soon as the information about the dead body was received, sensation spread in Panagarh rail crossing Shani Mandir areas. After getting the information of the incident, the police reached the spot and got involved in the investigation.

Sukant lived alone at home

Police reached the spot and found Sukant’s dead body inside the room near the bathroom door. The police took the body into custody and sent it to Durgapur Hospital for postmortem. Police told that Sukant lived alone in the house. At the same time, the local people told that after coming to the area from this house on Tuesday morning, the neighbors informed the police.

The decomposed body of Sukant was found in the bathroom of the house.

On the spot, the police entered the house and reached near the bathroom, then recovered the mutilated body of Sukant. Police told that Sukant lived alone in the house as he was unmarried. Police suspect that he might have died due to a fall. However, it will be clear only after the post mortem report comes.

Sukant lived alone after his father’s death

Here, local Trinamool Congress leader Jaidev Vaidya told that after the information of the people of the area, the police was informed. Sukant Mukherjee’s body was recovered from inside the house. Family members say that after the death of his father, Sukant used to live alone in this house. He was mentally ill. Didn’t even do any work.


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