West Bengal: Budget session begins in Assembly, security increased

in west bengal Assembly The budget session started. Under this, security has been increased in and around the assembly premises. In view of the incident in Lok Sabha, strict instructions have been given to the policemen that there should not be any kind of negligence while on duty. A large number of policemen have been deployed outside and inside the assembly. Kolkata Police commandos are also manning the VIS campus. The vehicles of all the ministers, MLAs and Speaker Biman Banerjee coming to the Assembly are being checked. Only vehicles fitted with holograms issued by the Assembly are being allowed to enter the premises. A separate pass has also been issued for vehicle drivers.

Ministers, MLAs have to show identity cards while entering

Ministers and MLAs have to show their identity cards to enter the Assembly. Assembly Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Minister, State Cabinet members, Chief Secretary, Deputy Chief Secretary and Secretary to the State Government will enter from gate number six. Visitors will be able to enter from gate number one only with the permission of the assembly. Everyone is being searched separately at the visitor gate. Strict rules have been made for visitors. Visitors will not be able to stay in the assembly premises for more than two hours. Visitors will not be able to enter the House chamber with any electronic gadgets including mobile phones, transistors.

Drop gate installed for vehicle checking

 To check vehicles, a drop gate has been installed at Gate No. 2 of the Assembly. Leader of Opposition, MLAs and media persons are being allowed to enter from this gate only. Such a scene was never seen before in the assembly. According to sources, the security of the Assembly has been increased after the smoke incident in the Lok Sabha in December last year. A senior police officer posted in the Assembly said that the decision to strengthen the security arrangements had been taken even before the Lok Sabha incident. Every vehicle is being allowed to enter only after checking.

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