West Bengal: Abhijeet Ta and many others arrested during BJP’s protest in Burdwan.

Burdwan/Panagarh, Mukesh Tiwari: of West Bengal Sandeshkhali Incident And the saffron party took to the streets in Burdwan to protest against the suspension of six BJP MLAs who were cornering the ruling party in the state assembly over this. During that time, Burdwan Sadar BJP President Abhijeet Ta and many other workers were arrested. This enraged the BJP workers further and they started protesting on the streets, raising slogans against the ruling Trinamool. The protesters demanded that their leaders and workers be released immediately. BJP leader Abhijeet Ta alleged that there is a situation of anarchy in the state during the rule of Trinamool Congress. A dictatorial government is running in the entire state. Despite a woman Chief Minister, the goons of the ruling party continued to persecute women in Sandeshkhali of North 24 Parganas and the state police remained a mute spectator.

BJP’s roadblock in Panagarh against Sandeshkhali incident

In protest against the Sandeshkhali incident in North 24 Parganas and the suspension of six BJP MLAs from the state assembly, saffron party workers and supporters descended on Panagarh Bazaar Chowmatha in Kankasa police station area of ​​West Burdwan and blocked the GT Road. BJP members raised a lot of slogans against the state government, in the protest demonstration under the leadership of BJP’s Galsi Number Six Committee President Paritosh Biswas, Burdwan Sadar BJP Vice President Raman Sharma, BJP Panchayat members Pankaj Jaiswal, Anand Kumar, Titu Sharma, Kalicharan Sao. , Santosh Chauhan and other leaders and workers were involved.

The state and the country are ashamed of the incident of Sandeshkhali.

Later Raman Sharma said that the state and the country have been put to shame by the Sandeshkhali incident. Women are unsafe throughout the state. Alleged that the dictatorial form of the Trinamool Congress government was visible in the state assembly. Six BJP MLAs were suspended. An attempt was made to stop opposition leader Subhendu Adhikari. The people of Bengal are watching everything. Soon the Mamata Banerjee government will fall from the state.

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