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Weather Report: Due to the effect of El-Nino, there is a possibility of drought in India this year, agriculture will be affected

New Delhi : After normal monsoon rains for the last three consecutive years in India, there are chances of drought this year. The apprehensions expressed by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said that during the last three consecutive years, there was normal rainfall due to ‘La-Nina’ during the monsoon, but this year there was an ‘El-Nino’ ​​effect in the atmosphere. The effect will be more. Amidst the IMD estimate, experts say that due to the effect of ‘El-Nino’ ​​after ‘La-Nina’ in the atmosphere, there may be a significant reduction in rainfall in this year’s monsoon.

Rain expected from South-West Monsoon

Experts say that after the effect of ‘La-Nina’ for three consecutive times, there will be an ‘El-Nino’ ​​condition in the atmosphere this year. The condition of ‘La-Nina’ in the atmosphere is opposite to that of ‘El-Nino’. He says that during the condition of ‘La-Nina’, there is usually good rain in the monsoon season. The IMD had said in its forecast that despite the formation of ‘El-Nino’ ​​conditions, India is expected to receive normal rainfall during the southwest monsoon. The agriculture sector will get a lot of relief from such a situation.

Chances of less rain than normal

However, private weather forecasting agency ‘Skymet Weather’ has predicted ‘below normal’ rainfall in India during the monsoon. Raghu Murtugudde, a professor at IIT Bombay and the University of Maryland, had said that 60 per cent of ‘El Nino’ ​​years have recorded ‘below normal’ rainfall during June-September, but the analysis shows that ‘La-Nina’ There is a tendency of deficit rainfall during monsoon in the following ‘El Nino’ ​​year.

El Nino will be effective around July

According to the IMD, ‘El-Nino’ ​​conditions are expected to develop around July and its impact could be felt in the second half of the monsoon season. The IMD had said that positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) conditions are expected to occur during the southwest monsoon and the snow cover over the Northern Hemisphere and Eurasia was also below normal from December 2022 to March 2023.

60 percent less rain than El Nino

The IOD is defined by the difference in sea surface temperature between the western parts of the Indian Ocean near Africa and the eastern parts of the ocean near Indonesia. A positive IOD is considered good for the Indian monsoon. Anjal Prakash, director of research at the Indian School of Business’s Bharati Institute of Public Policy, said 40 per cent of ‘El-Nino’ ​​years have had normal or above-normal rainfall, while 60 per cent have had deficient rainfall. Why do we look at small values ​​instead of understanding the larger trends that show El Nino has an impact on monsoon rain patterns, he asked.

52 percent of agricultural area in India depends on rain

Normal rainfall is crucial for India’s agricultural landscape, as 52 per cent of the cultivated area is dependent on it. Apart from power generation across the country, it is also necessary for the storage of water in important reservoirs for drinking water supply. Rainfed agriculture accounts for about 40 per cent of India’s total food production, making it a significant contributor to India’s food security and economic stability.

87 cm rainfall normal

According to the IMD, rainfall between 96 per cent and 104 per cent of the 50-year average of 87 cm is considered ‘normal’. Rainfall less than 90 per cent of the long period average is considered ‘deficit’, 90 to 95 per cent ‘below normal’, 105 to 110 per cent ‘above normal’ and more than 100 per cent ‘excess’. goes.


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