Weather patterns may change again in Jharkhand

Ranchi: The weather patterns in Jharkhand may change once again. From April 4, there may be clouds and rain in some parts of the state and heat wave in some parts. The Meteorological Center has issued an alert regarding heat wave. It has been said that there may be heat wave in some parts of Kolhan and Santal from April 4 to 6. At the same time, the temperature may increase by three to four degrees Celsius. During this time, people have been requested to take precautions.

Ranchi Meteorological Center in-charge Dr. Abhishek Anand has said that the weather will remain dry till April 5. There may be rain and thunder in some parts of the state on April 6, 7 and 8. On April 6, there may be rain with thunder at isolated places in the northern part of the state (Palamu division and surrounding areas) and on April 7 in northern as well as central (capital and surrounding areas). On April 8, there may be isolated rain in the southern (Kolhan) and central parts of the state. Since this rain is going to be due to thunder storm, there will be no rain in the entire district. Wherever the cloud passes, there will be rain.

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The temperature in the capital remained at 35 degrees Celsius:

The maximum temperature of the capital on Tuesday was 35 degrees Celsius. The temperature of Jamshedpur was recorded near 40 degrees Celsius. The Meteorological Center has said that on April 6, the maximum temperature of the capital can go up to 38 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature can go up to 24 degrees Celsius. After this, the temperature may drop slightly due to change in weather.

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