Weather Forecast: Cold started increasing, know how the weather of Jharkhand will be in the next 4 days, how much the mercury will fall.

Jharkhand Weather Forecast: The mood of the weather is slowly changing. While the cold is increasing every day, the Sun God is giving darshan for a short time. Although the sun is shining during the day, the cold is increasing in the morning, evening and night. The weather remained clear during the day on Monday, but a drop in the minimum temperature was observed. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the weather in all the districts of Jharkhand will remain dry for the next four days. During this period, there may be fog in the morning. Whereas the weather will remain clear throughout the day. At the same time, the temperature will also continue to fluctuate. Here, as the cold increases, the days are also becoming shorter. This is the reason why the day is only about 11 hours long. Sunrise occurs around 6.00 in the morning and sunset occurs around 5.00 in the evening.

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