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Weather changes rapidly in November, risk of these diseases increases, know what experts say

The winter season is considered full of health, because the vegetables and fruits available at this time contain abundant amounts of nutrients. Digestion also improves in cold, hence whatever we eat is easily digested. Despite this, patients suffering from heart, BP, asthma and respiratory problems should be careful during cold weather. RIMS chest specialist Dr. Brajesh Mishra said that as soon as the month of November starts, the weather starts changing rapidly. Due to falling temperature and not adjusting themselves accordingly, people start falling prey to seasonal diseases. Patients suffering from asthma and respiratory problems increase. In such a situation, more such patients are reaching the OPD of government and private hospitals. If there are not many problems, the patients are being given medicines and sent home, but those who need oxygen have to be admitted to the hospital.

Patients increased by 15-20 percent in RIMS

There has been a sudden increase in patients in the Medicine OPD and Central Emergency of RIMS, the state’s largest hospital. Compared to normal days, the number of patients has increased by 15 to 20 percent at this time. In the medicine OPD, doctors are consulting 45-50 patients suffering from seasonal diseases every day. Besides, four-five patients in critical condition are being treated in Central Emergency. In this, two-three patients have to be admitted to critical care.

Crowd increased in OPD of TB, Chest and Heart

During the winter season, the number of patients suffering from asthma, COPD and bronchitis has increased in the OPD of TB and Chest Department of RIMS. Every day 25-30 patients are being consulted in OPD. In this, there are more people of 55-60 years of age and elderly people. At the same time, the beds in the critical care wing of RIMS are already filled with patients suffering from respiratory problems. The number of elderly people is high in this.

Take special care of this

  • Protect yourself from pollution in winter.

  • Reduce salt intake in food.

  • Stop smoking and alcohol consumption.

  • Eat only fresh and hot food.

  • Sit in the sun for at least half an hour.

  • Do exercise and yoga daily.

  • Do not go for morning walk early in the morning.

  • Use plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Pollution is becoming a big reason in cold weather

of cold Season The air quality becomes worse. Due to pollution, people start suffering from respiratory problems. Patients suffering from respiratory problems need to take special care at the beginning of cold. One should protect oneself from pollution. Such patients should not go out without any reason and should wear a mask.

Expert advice

  • It is very important to save heart patients: Dr. Prashant

Dr. Prashant Kumar, Associate Professor of the Department of Cardiology at RIMS, said that heart problems increase in cold weather. To avoid this, regular monitoring of blood pressure is necessary. If you complain of chest pain, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, pain in the left hand or sudden intense sweating, you should immediately consult a doctor.

  • BP and diabetes patients should be careful: Dr. Vidyapati

Dr. Vidyapati, Chairman of the Department of Medicine at RIMS, said that blood pressure suddenly starts increasing and decreasing during the cold season. In such a situation, BP patients should monitor themselves regularly. Diabetes patients also have increased risk in cold. There is a possibility of heart damage due to sudden increase in sugar level.

  • Patients suffering from serious illness should take care of themselves: Dr. Pradeep Bhattacharya

Dr. Pradeep Bhattacharya, Chairman of the Critical Care Department at RIMS, said that the number of patients in the ICU suddenly increases during the cold season. This includes patients suffering from serious illness and the elderly. Therefore, one should take care of oneself as soon as the cold starts. Protect yourself from cold winds, because cold winds reach the body through the nose and mouth. This is what makes you sick.


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