WB News: Why did Singur come into discussion again after 15 years?

Tata’s move from Singur in West Bengal to Gujarat only Singur Not only this, but the entire state has suffered losses. Mamta is not the only one responsible for this. This is what former Singur MLA Rabindranath Bhattacharya has to say. It is noteworthy that 15 years after Tata’s withdrawal from Singur, Singur is again in the news following a court order. After the agitation around the 997 acres of land taken by Tata in Singur for the manufacturing of Nano car, the farmers got their land, but the factory could not be built and that land was not even suitable for farming by the farmers. The farmers here are deeply saddened by this.

In 2006, Left Front had allotted 997 acres of land to Tata.

In 2006, the Left Front government allotted 997 acres of land to Tata to manufacture small cars called Nano. Tata signed an agreement with the state Industrial Development Corporation and acquired a total of 997 acres of land in Beraberi, Khasherbhedi, Singherbhedi, Bajemelia and Gopal Nagar in Singur to build the factory. The movement started as soon as the land was cordoned off. Reluctant farmers alleged that their fertile land was being taken forcefully. Under the leadership of opposition leader Mamata Banerjee, the farmers of Singur continued their agitation. Meanwhile, about 80 percent of the factory work was completed, but Tata had to back out due to the agitation. In 2008, the factory in Singur was closed and moved to Sanand, Gujarat. After this movement, the Left Front lost power and the Trinamool Congress government was formed. Mamata Banerjee took over the post of Chief Minister. The responsibility of returning the land to the farmers fell on him.

In 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that the land should be returned to the farmers.

At the same time, the Left Front government said in the affidavit that the land was acquired for the benefit of the farmers. The matter went from the High Court to the Supreme Court. In 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that the land should be returned to the farmers. The farmers should be returned to the same condition in which they were and compensation should also be given. As soon as Mamata Banerjee came to power, she returned the land to the farmers of Singur. Sheds of nano-factories and follow-on industries were demolished overnight. From 2008 to 2023, 15 years have passed since Tata’s departure. Singair is again in the news after a court order. The arbitral tribunal ruled that the investments by Tata in building the factory in Singur were justified. An amount of Rs 766 crore should be paid as compensation along with interest.

Local people allege: We are victims of politics

At that time, many people of Gopalnagar also participated in the Singur land movement. One of them, Bhuban Bagui, said that we are victims of politics. First, the Left government took the land, then the Trinamool government returned the land. But the land is not being registered and the sale is also not taking place. Even farming is not happening. A reluctant Nav Kumar Ghosh said that the land had been forcibly enclosed. We protested. We got the land back. Some land is being cultivated and the remaining land will be cultivated the day it becomes suitable for farming.

If there was industry in Singur then the picture here would have changed.

Farming cannot be done on 2000 bighas of land right now. At that time Laltu Mukherjee of Gopal Nagar had given land for the industry. He said that there was an agreement with Tata and Industrial Development Corporation. Perhaps it was written in that contract that if the factory could not be built, compensation would have to be paid. Was asked to see what is in the contract. But no government could show it. If there was industry in Singur, the picture here would have changed. Now everyone is saying this.

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