WB News: Following the instructions of the Election Commission, BDO reached sensitive areas.

Panagarh, Mukesh Tiwari: Following the guidelines of the Election Commission, on Thursday, Kankasa BDO of West Burdwan district reached the most sensitive booths of the block along with the Central Corps and the local villagers. Lok Sabha Elections Called to participate in the (Lok Sabha Elections) voting. During this, he said that if there is any kind of inconvenience then they should contact immediately. Seeing the confidence expressed by BDO, there was enthusiasm among the villagers. During this time, Central Corps personnel were present along with other police personnel including Kankasa ACP Suman Kumar Jaiswal and Kankasa IC Parthon Ghosh.

It is said that today the BDO team had reached the highly sensitive booth area of ​​Sokna village with force. It is noteworthy that in the last Panchayat elections, an incident of violence had taken place in the said booth area. The Election Commission is active to stop violence in the Lok Sabha elections. This is the reason that today Block Officer BDO Parna De of Sokna village of Kankasa reached the area along with central soldiers. On this day, BDO Congress ACP Suman Kumar Jaiswal along with central soldiers went door to door and assured that ‘we are with you’.

If you see any disorder, immediately inform the police and block administration.

He asked everyone to immediately inform the police and block administration if any disorder is seen anywhere. Everyone should participate in this celebration of democracy without any fear. The people of the area are happy to see this role of BDO. BDO said that the areas where incidents of violence have taken place in the past have been identified and additional surveillance is being done in those areas. BDO said that stock will be taken in Block Kanya areas also.

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