WB News: As the temperature rises in South Kolkata, fish start dying again in Ravindra Sarovar.

WB News: The famous metropolitan national lake across the country Ravindra Sarovar (Ravindra Sarovar) has been a frequent subject of concern among environmentalists and morning walkers. Amidst the fast-paced life of the metropolis, this lake, which is called the lungs of Kolkata, is a place of pure air for them, which keeps them fresh throughout the day. Environmentalists say that the lake does the work of purifying the toxic air spread in the atmosphere due to so many factories in the metropolis and vehicles running on petrol and diesel on the roads all day long.

Ravindra Sarovar Lake is especially famous for rowing.

But the maintenance work of the National Lake is not being done the way it should. For this, the custodian of the lake, Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA), will have to be a little aware. So that air pollution caused by the death of fish in summer can be prevented and greenery will remain. Ravindra Sarovar Lake is especially famous for rowing, youth not only from the country but also from abroad come here to do rowing. Which is also a wonderful sight for the morning and evening walkers coming to the lake. But if it is not maintained properly then there will be many incidents of rowing accidents. Last year itself, two school students drowned while rowing.

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