WATCH: Zerodha CEO Nitin Kamath takes a strange test on staff members, 10 year old prank video goes viral

Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath Prank Video Viral: Zerodha co-founder and CEO Nitin Kamath recently shared a 10-year-old video. In this, a prank was shown which took place in the Bengaluru office of the company. The video, originally posted on YouTube, shows Kamath planning a mock police raid to test his team’s resilience under extreme stress while injecting humor into the workplace.

What’s in the video?

The video begins with Kamath’s message saying, We conducted a fake police raid in our office to see how the team reacts to extreme stress and of course have some fun. Technicians installed hidden cameras to capture every moment of the unfolding drama. Kamath hired actors to impersonate police officers, who, armed with a fabricated order of the Bombay High Court, stormed the Zerodha office.

Staff reactions in video

As fake police officers disrupted work and surrounded the employees, tensions rose with allegations of involvement in a Ponzi scheme and financial fraud. The video captured various reactions from employees, including head of client operations Hanan, who earned the nickname Angry Man, and head of operations Venu, who remained composed while interacting with the fraudsters.

Some had tears in their eyes, some laughed

The peak of the prank came when all the employees were locked in a room and temporarily locked out, awaiting the return of their fugitive boss. Nitin Kamath made a surprise re-entry, breaking the tension with a resounding surprise rather than offering an explanation. This big prank shocked the employees, some had tears in their eyes and some laughed.

Video viewed over 1.8 million times

Initially shared on YouTube, this video has now gone viral with more than 1.8 million views, 13 thousand likes and many comments. Nitin Kamath’s creative approach to team-building through humor has not only provided a memorable episode in the history of Zerodha, but has also entertained a wide online audience. A decade-old prank video continues to circulate, showcasing the lighter side of corporate culture and the CEO’s innovative approach to fostering a flexible and cohesive team.

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