Voters were made aware

Ranchi. Awareness programs are being organized in the city to make voters aware. Under this, a program was organized at Atal Smriti Vendor Market on Wednesday. During this, people were asked election related questions. Those who gave correct answers were also rewarded. During this it was also told that voting is on May 25 in Ranchi Lok Sabha constituency. People were appealed to participate enthusiastically in voting. Voters were also told about useful apps for election related information.

Asked for list of voters working on emergency duty

Ranchi. The District Election Office has asked for the list of employees working on emergency duty from the institutions. Institutions have been asked to make arrangements for postal voting for such voters on the basis of the list. The institutions have been asked to provide the list within two days. At the same time, media houses have also been asked to provide the list of such employees. It is noteworthy that voting is on May 13 in Tamar and Mandar assembly constituencies of Ranchi district. Here, time will be given from May 7 to May 9 for postal voting. At the same time, elections in Ranchi are on 25th May. Therefore, time will be given for postal voting from 19th to 21st May.

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