Vishwakarma Puja 2023: Vishwakarma Puja tomorrow, people are liking their creative art in Jamshedpur.

Vishwakarma Puja 2023: Vishwakarma Puja is celebrated every year on 17 September. Lord Vishwakarma has been called the god of construction and creation. Many people in the city are also providing facilities to the common people through their creative art. In these, while the engineers are giving a new look to the city by making new things for the people, like electronics and other machinery items, along with constructing new buildings and societies, the items made by blacksmiths and potters are being used in every house. Vehicle fitters are repairing damaged vehicles and giving people the gift of using them. Sculptors are giving shape to the idols of Gods and Goddesses. Along with all this, Sonar is fulfilling the passion of the people by making new design jewellery. Due to their amazing and different construction, they have become an example for others. Along with fulfilling the needs related to people’s life, they are always striving to give something different.

Vishwakarma puja tomorrow

According to the National Calendar, Lord Vishwakarma should be worshiped on 17th September as Sankranti falls on 17th September. According to Pandit AK Mishra, on September 17, Sun God is entering Virgo at 1:29 pm. Sankranti is being observed during day time only. There is a tradition of Vishwakarma Puja only during Sankranti. He told that if Sankranti occurs before sunset, then the full time of Sankranti is considered to be in the east. If Sankranti occurs at the time of sunrise, then Purnakaal should be celebrated only after sunrise. If the full time is at night then there is no tradition of worship. He told that in Bengali and Mithila almanac, there is mention of worship of Lord Vishwakarma on 18th September.

Effort to give metro look to the city with high rise building chain

With the dedication of the people involved in building construction, metro culture seems to be beginning in the city. High rise building is making this dream come true. There is a plan to construct a 43-storey building in the ATC Ultima project. Along with giving a new look to the Tata lease area, continuous work is being done on the plan for people to set up their homes in it. With this, till now a dozen posh colonies have been built in the city and housing has been provided to more than 10 thousand people, while the work of five thousand flats is in the final stage. Apart from this, three high rises with 23 floors are being built in the name of Aastha Twin City Majestic. This dream is being fulfilled by Kaushal Singh, Director of Aastha, who has entered the real estate business with his future in mind. He told that he prepares all the work from planning to designing of the high rise building himself. This is done so that the cost of construction work does not increase. They know the feeling one gets when he finds his dream home. Soon work will also be done on watermark in the new project ATC Indraprastha, Adityapur.

Giving shape to idols as per demand

Chandinagar sculptor Ajit Pal has been making idols of Gods and Goddesses for every puja ritual for about 40 years. These days he is getting more orders for designed idols from the internet. For example, showing Ganpati Dev riding the chariot of Sun God, showing Ganpati Dev in the form of Kanha etc. For this, he often studies on computer. In the idol he uses bright colors different from the usual colors. Also work hard on the background of the statue. That’s why his sculptures are in demand.

There is demand for their scabbard in the market

Many times, things made by human hands are better than things made by machines. This thing suits Babbu Vishwakarma, resident of Bhuiyandih. Customers are admirers of their hand made khurpi, baithi (hasua) etc. That’s why instead of wandering here and there, customers come directly to them. When Babbu’s hand hits the iron, it takes its perfect shape. Maybe that’s why customers don’t like the goods from other places. Whether it is making goods from bad iron or sharpening dull goods, customers do not see their options.

The skill is such that people wait to get the engine work done.

30 year old Gyasuddin Ansari (Babu Mistry), living in Kapali Tajnaggar, is visually handicapped, but his vehicle repairing ability is amazing. Even people sit for hours waiting for their turn to get engines for two wheelers made from them. The vehicles which take other artisans one and a half to two hours to make, they do in 45 to 50 minutes. Babu Mistry, who is an expert in fixing and repairing the engines of two wheelers, does not let anyone realize that he has no eyes. He is helpless in some way. Gyasuddin Ansari told that he is originally from Bagmundi, Bengal. Father Sabur Ansari used to sell readymade clothes in Haat market. Since childhood he lost his eyesight and became dependent on others. Meanwhile, to meet the expenses of the family, the elder brother opened a vehicle repairing shop and started taking them along with him to the shop. Gradually he started helping his brother in the shop. Took information by touching different parts of vehicles. Gradually learned the work of making engines. Ultimately this became employment. Now we do everything from opening the car to complete fitting.

Painting on earthen pots is enhancing beauty

Mohan Karan of Sonari works in making earthen pots. He has started giving it a new look. Paintings are done on clay plates, cups, dishes and bottles as if they were porcelain utensils. They work hard for this. Thick solid color is applied on it. Customers also take such utensils to decorate their homes. They also make terracotta lamps and other decorative items. Which is in demand.

Modern jewelry being made with traditional

Who is not fond of jewellery? Now not only women but also men like to wear jewellery. There has always been a demand for traditional jewellery, but modern designs are also worn on special occasions. City goldsmith Vipadtaran Pal is an expert in giving shape to such jewellery. They say that identity is not formed in a day. For this one has to work hard for years. He has been doing this work for the last 35 years. People fall in love with the jewelery made by them at first sight. He has experience in manufacturing jewelery ranging from ancient to new and modern. He learned this art in his family environment itself. His maternal uncle was a sonar. Basically speaking, he considers Arup Palit, who lived in Bangladesh, as his guru. He came to Purulia in 1983 and honed his skills by working in a jewelery shop with his maternal uncle. In the year 1989, he came to Jamshedpur and started working in a showroom. He lives in Jugsalai with his family. He says that the trend of design increased with time. New machines came, but the work of the builder did not reduce. Let’s work out the weight of the jewel. The focus has to be on design along with workmanship.

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