Viral Video: Who is the woman in pink saree swinging a sword? Know the truth of viral video

Rajasthan’s Deputy CM Diya Kumari is currently trending rapidly on social media. People are continuously sharing a video as being of Diya Kumari. Along with sharing the video, people are praising the bravery of Diya Kumari. Actually, in the video, a woman wearing a pink saree is seen doing sword fighting. The woman seen in the video is said to be Rajasthan’s Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari.

What is special in viral video

In the viral video on social media, a woman wearing a pink saree is seen doing vigorous sword fighting. In the video, the song that has brought Ram is also playing. People have gathered to see the feat of the sword fighting woman. People standing nearby are seen in saffron clothes. The woman seen in the video is the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Diya Kumari Having said this, social media users are continuously messaging and writing in praise of him. While sharing the video, a user wrote, only this zeal and enthusiasm should be there in every daughter of India.

What is the truth of the viral video?

The video which people are making viral on social media considering it to be Diya Kumari, actually the woman seen doing sword fighting is not Diya Kumari, but Nikitaba Rathod. Nikitaba has posted the same video on his official Instagram and Facebook accounts. While talking to the media, he told that the video is from January 22. On the day of consecration of Ram temple, a program was organized in Naroda, Ahmedabad, in which he performed a feat.

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Who is Diya Kumari?

Diya Kumari is the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan. He was included in the cabinet in Bhajanlal Sharma government. Diya has become MLA by winning from Vidyadhar Nagar. Earlier in 2019, Diya Kumari had become the Jeetaki MP from Rajsamand Lok Sabha seat. He had resigned from his MP position for Rajasthan Assembly elections 2023. Diya Kumari comes from a royal family. She is the granddaughter of Maharaja Man Singh II, the last ruler of the princely state of Jaipur.

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