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Viral Video: When the ladder and wheelchair started moving on their own, people in panic, know what is the truth

A video in social media is becoming increasingly viral at this time. In which you can see a ladder walking on its own. At the same time, another video is also being made viral, in which a wheelchair is also seen moving on its own. Different claims are being made regarding these two videos. There is also an atmosphere of panic among the people regarding this. People are watching both these videos by associating them with ghosts. so last this viral video What is the truth of

What is special in viral video

The first video which is becoming increasingly viral in social media. A ladder is seen moving on its own. The ladder is moving forward like humans. While in the second video, a wheelchair is moving backwards on its own.

Video of stair climbing being attributed to a hospital in Uttarakhand

Regarding the viral video of moving ladder like humans, it is being claimed that it is from a hospital in Uttarakhand. It is being told about the base hospital of Uttarakhand. However, the hospital has denied that the video was based on the hospital. In-charge of Base Hospital, Dr. Amit Singh told in a conversation with the media, the video of walking on the stairs is fake. He told, editing such videos is very easy in the techno world. While the second video in which a wheelchair is running on its own is from Base Hospital, Uttarakhand. This has been confirmed by Dr. Amit Singh, in-charge of Base Hospital himself. But he also called it a fake video. He said, someone must have made a video leaving the chair on the slope and made it viral.

Videos are being viral by linking to Jharkhand High Court

The video of running the ladder is also being linked to Jharkhand. In which it is being told of the High Court. Along with sharing the video, it is being claimed that some major untoward incident may happen. Here we want to tell you that this video is fake and does not belong to Jharkhand High Court. It is known that this year the High Court of Jharkhand has been shifted to the new building.

In the language of science it is called passive dynamic walk.

There is no ghost behind the ladder moving video. Rather there is science behind it. This is called passive dynamic walk in the language of science. In which if any object is pushed once, it starts moving automatically. No need to push him again somewhere in the middle. For this, sloping land is required. Actually it works on Newton’s Inertia Law. In which it has been said that if an object is at rest, it will remain at rest and if it is moving, it will remain moving with a constant velocity until an external force acts on it. It is also called the law of inertia.

Strict action will be taken if caught making video

In-charge of Base Hospital, Dr. Amit Singh said about the video, investigation is being done in this regard and the CCTV cameras of the hospital are being examined. Till now no one has been caught making the video. Giving a stern warning, he said, if anyone is found making such videos in the hospital or hospital premises in future, strict action will be taken against him.


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