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Viral Video: Got QR Code tattooed on forehead for Instagram

Instagram Viral video QR Code Scanner on-His Forehead: Almost every day some video goes viral on social media. These videos going viral are sometimes tickling and sometimes inspiring. Many times such videos go viral because they are strange. One such video has surfaced recently. Let us know why this video is becoming so viral on the internet.

QR code tattoo on head

In the video that is going viral on social media, it can be seen that a person is lying down and a tattoo is being made on his forehead. This video showing the process of tattoo making has been viewed more than 2 million times so far and has received more than 11 thousand likes and many comments. Viral Video: More than 38 million views, still no one could give the correct answer…

How does a QR code tattoo work?

This video going viral has been shared on Instagram with the handle of Unilad. In this video showing the process of making a tattoo on the forehead, the man is also seen feeling a little pain. However, the man remains calm until the entire process is over. The tattoo artist has surprised people with this video. It shows how a QR code tattoo works. The artist scans this tattoo, after which the person’s Instagram account is opened. In the last part of the video, both this person and the tattoo artist are seen laughing towards the camera.

Shower of comments on viral video

People are reacting differently to this viral video on social media. One user wrote, this is a good idea. Another wrote in the comment, this looks fake. The third user called it a useless and nonsense thing. A person wrote on the video, such actions may lead to Instagram banning this account. Bill Gates: Bill Gates said to this tea seller – ‘One tea please’, video went viral


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