Villagers of Pokhari Edalbeda protested against poor road construction


PCC road is being constructed under Deoghar Panchayat adjacent to National Highway 18. The five km road from Mukhiya Danga to Simuldanga is being constructed by the PWD department. When the PCC road was built and reached Edalbeda village, the people of the village checked the quality of the road being built. During investigation, the villagers found that due to irregularities in the casting done two days ago, cracks had appeared at many places. Laborers working from remote village Bodam also said that even the minimum wage rate is not paid on time. After this, Edalbeda villagers protested by stopping the construction work.

Villagers of Pokhari also protested

Even before this, there was protest against poor road construction in Pokhari village. The villagers had alleged that quality was not being taken care of in road construction, but no action was taken. The villagers urged the authorities to intervene in the matter and find a solution.

Objection also expressed on use of drain water

The villagers of Edalbeda protested against the contractor forcibly using water from the village drain for the construction of the road. Villagers say that water dries up everywhere during the summer season. There is only one drain near the village, in which the people of the village apart from taking bath daily, also perform cultural and religious programs. The villagers are facing a lot of problems due to the use of water in road construction, hence drain water should not be used in road construction.

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