Video: Severe cold continues in Siwan, westerly wind and cold increase people’s problems

The oppression of winter continues in Siwan district. The minimum mercury is creating a new record every day. For the last one week, westerly wind has been blowing continuously in the rural areas including the city. Because of this, one is feeling more cold and shivering. People’s daily routine has changed due to severe cold. Even after the sun was shining during the day, people looked miserable. People were feeling shivering due to the icy western winds blowing amidst the bright sunshine. There was a clear effect of fog in the morning and evening. People are still unable to get relief from the cold.

Due to the cold western wind, there was a feeling of melting even during the day. Whereas the day was sunny. After evening the melting also increased. As the melting increased, people started facing a lot of problems. After which people hid in their homes. Due to this there was silence on the streets. Not only humans but also animals and birds are suffering due to cold. Very few passengers are seen at bus terminals and railway stations. Those who were visible also sat by the fire to protect themselves from the cold.

Even at the railway station, passengers were seen troubled by the cold. School children were also seen going to school shivering. As soon as the effect of sunlight subsided, the cold started again. Shopkeepers in the markets kept saving themselves from the cold by burning paper, while the duty employees also sat near the fire.

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