Vastu Tips: Never keep a mirror in this direction of the bathroom, it will attract evil powers.

Vastu has great importance in our daily life. If we follow its rules properly then we can reach the platform from the ground, but if we ignore it then it does not take time to fall from the platform to the ground. In such a situation, there are many Vastu rules related to the bathroom which are very important to keep in mind. Let us know some special Vastu rules related to bathroom, adopting which can bring positive energy in our life.

bathroom in front of kitchen

According to Vastu, the bathroom should never be in front of or adjacent to the kitchen. The toilet seat should be in either the west or north-west direction.

empty bucket

A bucket or tub of water should always be kept filled in the bathroom. If the bucket is empty then always keep it upside down. It helps in maintaining prosperity in the house.

bathroom doors

Bathroom doors should always be kept closed. If left open, it transmits negative energy and can create obstacles in your career.

electrical items

In the bathroom, electrical items like switchboard, geyser, fan etc. should be installed in the south-east direction.


It is important to have a window in the bathroom. It helps in expelling negative energy. Also, the window should open in the east, north or west direction.

don’t use mirror

A mirror should never be placed in front of the bathroom door in the house. By doing this, negative energy spreads in the house.

blue color

Blue color has great importance in bathroom Vaastu. Blue color represents happiness. Therefore, it is better to keep a blue colored bucket and mug in the bathroom.

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