Vastu Tips: If you are building a new house, then make a balcony in this direction; it will rain happiness

best direction for balcony

The best direction for a balcony is the east, north or north-east part of your house. Morning and afternoon sunlight comes in these directions which proves beneficial for us and brings positive energy.

what should be the roof of the balcony

According to Vastu, the roof of your balcony should be slanted, its slope should be towards north or east. Avoid materials like asbestos or tin for balcony roofing as they absorb heat and energy and accumulate it in one place.

color for balcony

According to Vastu, light colors like light pink or blue and light beige are suitable for the balcony. You can also choose white color for your balcony, as shown in the image above, as it also spreads light and welcomes positive energy into your home. According to the Vaastu of the house, a light shade of green can also be used for the balconies.

In which direction to place the furniture in the balcony

In cold weather, everyone likes to sit in the balcony and enjoy the sunrise or their morning tea. It is necessary to have small furniture for sitting in the balcony. You can place a few chairs and a small table in the southern corner of the balcony. West direction is also good for keeping furniture in the balcony. This way, you invite positivity by facing east or north.

These directions are auspicious for the balcony

Place an attractive cane swing in your balcony towards north or south direction and you can enjoy your time while relaxing. These directions for swing and balcony in the house are considered auspicious according to Vastu.

Putting it in the balcony brings prosperity to the house.

If you want to invite wealth and abundance into your home, then as per the Vaastu of the house, place a small reservoir like a fountain in your balcony towards the north-east. This place not only brings prosperity to the home but also encourages meditation and a calm state.

plant plants in the balcony

According to Vastu, there should be a lot of plants in the balcony in the south and west direction. This is where the plants will thrive as they will get the maximum possible light and at the same time, will not obstruct the entry of light into your home.

Never do this work in the balcony

According to Vastu, one should never sit in a dark or lightless balcony at home. It is considered inauspicious and is said to bring bad luck. Opt for soothing lighting in the balcony. You can use these during the night and create an atmosphere that is both calming and positive.

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