Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue: Sushil Kumar of Rohtas came out of the tunnel safely, tears of his family members shed, lamps lit in the house.

Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue: Sushil Kumar Vishwakarma, a resident of Chandanpura of Tilothu in Rohtas district, trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel, was rescued safely on Tuesday. The family members became excited after receiving the news that he was safe at home. There is a very happy atmosphere in the house. Sushil Kumar Sharma had gone to Uttarakhand to earn his livelihood. He was suddenly trapped in the tunnel along with 40 other laborers. After this there was mourning in the house. Sushil’s elder brother Haridwar Sharma had reached the spot immediately after the incident. He first informed his father about his brother’s coming out of the tunnel, after which there was happiness in the house. There is a festive atmosphere in the house.

There was an atmosphere of mourning for 17 days

The family of Sushil Vishwakarma, a resident of Chandanpura village of Tilothu block, trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel of Uttarkashi for 17 days, was living in an atmosphere of mourning for the last 17 days. The stove was not burning in the house, but as soon as the news came on Tuesday that Sushil Kumar and other laborers trapped in the tunnel of Uttarkashi for 17 days would be taken out by the rescue team. Hearing this news, there was a very happy atmosphere at Sushil Vishwakarma’s house in Chandanpura. A wave of happiness ran in the family. Lamps were lit in the house.

What did Sushil Kumar’s father say?

Sushil Kumar’s father Rajdev Sharma says stammeringly that today it feels as if we have been born again. My son was trapped in the Uttarkashi Tunnel since November 12, and no news about his whereabouts was available. One of our sons has reached there through which we could get some news and the stove has not been lit in our family for 17 days. Only our family members know how we are living our lives.

Smile seen on children’s faces

At the same time, smiles were seen on the faces of Sushil Vishwakarma’s wife Gudiya Devi and their two small children Shubham Kumar and Himanshu Kumar. The wife hopes that he will return safely.

Sushil’s elder brother has gone to Uttarkashi

Sushil Vishwakarma’s brother Sanjay Vishwakarma, who is present at home in Danpura, tells that our elder brother Haridwar Vishwakarma has gone to Uttarkashi, through conversation with whom we can get news from there. My elder brother Haridwar Vishwakarma told that there was a conversation through pipe for a day or two and when one day it was shown through LED, the face of our brother Sushil Vishwakarma appeared lighter, then I got some peace of mind that my Brother is safe now. On Tuesday, as soon as we got the news through the media that the people trapped in the tunnel in Uttarkashi would be taken out by the rescue team, there was a very happy atmosphere in the family. Elder brother Haridwar Vishwakarma is present on the spot, every moment information is being taken from him.

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