UP will become a power surplus state in the field of power generation, this much megawatt electricity will be available with an investment of Rs 67 thousand crores.

Yogi government is going to start Ground Breaking Ceremony 4.0 on February 19 to bring an investment of Rs 10 lakh crore on the ground, in which PM Narendra Modi will attend as the chief guest. This time’s GBC will not only make Uttar Pradesh self-reliant in the field of power generation, but will also prove to be unprecedented in achieving the status of power surplus state. Renewable energy will play an important role in this. Through GBC 4.0, eight projects worth Rs 67 thousand crore of renewable energy production are going to be launched in Uttar Pradesh. The launch of power generation in Pumped Storage Projects (PSP) will provide the state a platform for a sustainable and green energy revolution, while UP will be able to firmly establish itself at the leading position in the field of renewable energy. Let us tell you that under these projects to be started, Greenco Group, Torrent Power Group, JSW Neo Energy Limited, ACME Cleantech Solutions, Amunra Infratech and Agritech Pvt. Ltd. And companies like Avada Water Battery Pvt. are ready to make big investments in the renewable energy sector in Uttar Pradesh. Of these eight projects, six are located in Sonbhadra, two in Mirzapur and Chandauli districts. Their collective capacity is 13,250 MW. Water for the projects of Sonbhadra will be taken from Son river, while the source of water for Mirzapur and Chandauli will be Adwa and Musakhand dams.

Sonbhadra will become the center of renewable energy

Maximum projects in the renewable energy sector are being launched in Sonbhadra district, which is recognized as the center of energy in Uttar Pradesh. Pumped storage projects are considered environmentally friendly and sustainable sources of energy. The most prominent pumped storage project in the region is Greenco’s 3600 MW Gurar plant. This project built on Son River will require 43.66 MCM of water to fill the reservoir once and 27.629 MCM of water for annual recouping. This project can transform the villages under Obra tehsil like Gurar, Garwa, Pindari, Ranidev, Muhuna and Baijnath. Similarly, Torrent Power has established a pumped storage plant with a capacity of 1750 GW on the Son River. This plant built in Sonbhadra district is a clean and environment friendly project, which neither alters nor harms the riverine ecosystem. Not only is the cost of these projects low, the cost of power storage is also low. Closed loop pumped storage projects produce cheap, accessible and completely renewable energy. Torrent Power has also pledged to conduct CSR activities in the surrounding area to uplift the socio-economic structure of the area.

PSP projects included in GBC

Let us tell you that Greenco Energies Private Limited will invest Rs 17,180.79 crore for the production of 3660 MW in Sonbhadra. Torrent Power Limited will generate 4150 MW by operating 2 projects in Sonbhadra, for which it will invest Rs 24,200 crore. JSW Neo Energy Limited will invest Rs 5,530 crore to generate 1200 MW. ACME Cleantech Solutions Chandauli and Mirzapur will produce 1500 MW. For which an investment of Rs 6,561 crore will be made. Avada Water Battery Pvt will invest Rs 6119 crore in Sonbhadra to produce 1120 MW. Amunra Infratech and Agritech Private Limited will invest Rs 7374.57 crore for the production of 1620 MW in Sonbhadra.

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