UP Weather AQI: UP’s strength swelled due to pollution, AQI increased from Noida to Gorakhpur, now the mercury is likely to fall.

UP Weather AQI Today: The weather is slowly changing in UP. With fog, the night and morning temperatures are falling more than before. Along with this, fog is showing its effect, it will increase further in the coming days. However, the cold has not yet gained full momentum and the weather generally remains dry. There has not been much drop in temperature due to sunlight during the day. In the last 24 hours, the maximum temperature remained above 30 degrees, while the minimum temperature was recorded at 12 degrees. According to Zonal Meteorological Centre, Lucknow, now a drop in temperature will be seen. According to senior meteorologist Atul Kumar Singh, a fresh western disturbance is likely to become active around November 23. There may be a drop in mercury due to westerly wind. Although the weather will remain generally dry till November 26, a drop in the minimum temperature may be seen.

The air of other cities including Lucknow is poisonous

Meanwhile, people’s problems related to weather are not decreasing due to the air continuing to remain poisonous. The air quality index of Lucknow remained poor on Tuesday also. The situation is such that the Air Quality Index (AQI) in all the major cities of the state is not coming down for almost a month. The climate of the cities of Western UP as well as Purvanchal has deteriorated, due to which it has become difficult for people to breathe. The number of patients has increased due to increasing AQI. But those responsible are not at all concerned. More than 12 districts of UP have been included in the 100 polluted cities of the world.

AQI situation in different cities of the state

On Tuesday, Ghaziabad stood at 7th position among the polluted cities of the world in the state. The AQI here is 384, Noida’s AQI 382 at 8th place, Bulandshahr’s AQI 381 at 9th place, Hapur’s AQI 359 at 11th place, Meerut’s AQI 355 at 12th place, Gorakhpur’s AQI 339 at 16th place, Kanpur at 47th place. 296, Aligarh’s AQI is 290 at 52nd place, Fatehpur’s AQI is 267 at 70th place, Faizabad’s AQI is 257 at 75th place, Moradabad’s AQI is 228 at 95th place and Prayagraj’s AQI is 222 at 100th place.

Situation is not improving in Bareilly

The AQI of Bareilly in UP is also not coming down. AQI came down to 172 on Tuesday. Along with this, the AQI of Subhash Nagar, Civil Lines and Rajendra Nagar of the city is above 150. The temperature has also started coming down in Bareilly. There will be severe cold in December.

This should be the oxygen level, know how much AQI is correct.

Lack of oxygen starts having adverse effects on health. The oxygen level of the inhaled air should be 19.5 percent oxygen. Oxygen falling below this level causes harm. But, the oxygen level has been decreasing for some time. This is worrying. 0 to 50 AQI is fine. It has less effect on health. 51-100 AQI is also fine. But, sensitive people may have mild respiratory problems. Not good after 101. Lung, heart and asthma patients have difficulty in breathing due to AQI of 101 to 200.

Report- Muhammad Sajid

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