UP Weather AQI Today: Air health deteriorated in UP, Greater Noida ranked 9th among 100 polluted cities of the world.

UP Weather AQI Today: The effect of cold has started increasing in the weather of UP. Due to rain in Lucknow and other parts on Thursday morning, its effect was seen in the temperature. According to Meteorological Department officials, there is a possibility of a decline in the maximum as well as the minimum temperature in the coming days. In the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the maximum temperature is expected to reach 24 degrees and the minimum temperature is expected to reach 11 degrees Celsius. Cold winds will also blow at many places in the state, which will increase the cold. There is a possibility of dense cloudy sky at some places. Due to continuous decrease in temperature in the coming days, cold will increase. Meanwhile, the air in UP is not improving. The air quality index (AQI) here is increasing significantly.

Greater Noida’s air is the worst in the country

The air condition continues to remain bad in the weather of UP. There is no improvement in the air since almost a month. Greater Noida of UP was the most polluted city on Thursday morning. It is ranked 9th among the 100 polluted cities of the world. The AQI here is 504, while Ghaziabad’s AQI is 444, Noida’s AQI 382, ​​Meerut’s AQI 340, Hapur’s AQI 314, Muzaffarnagar’s AQI 246, Bulandshahr’s AQI 240 and UP’s capital Lucknow’s AQI 239. This is a matter of great concern.

Bareilly’s AQI reached 303 at night, decline recorded in the morning

Bareilly’s AQI had reached 303 on Wednesday night. Some improvement was seen on Thursday morning and at 7:30 am the AQI had come down to 128. However, this is also not very good. Civil Lines of the city has the highest AQI. Due to the construction of Qutub Khana Over Bridge, the AQI here is not improving. AQI was 143 on Thursday morning. Subhash Nagar’s AQI is 123, and Rajendra Nagar’s AQI is 117. Fluctuations in AQI continue everywhere. Due to bad AQI of Bareilly, it has become difficult for people to breathe. Due to which diseases have also increased. Meanwhile, the maximum temperature of Bareilly has come down to 25 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature has come down to 14 degrees Celsius. It is expected to reduce further in the coming days.

Despite rain, air health did not improve

Rainy season continues in many cities of UP. On Thursday morning it rained in the state capital Lucknow and other parts. However, still there has been no improvement in Hawa’s health. The level of pollution in the air still remains. If we talk about AQI from the point of view of human health, 0 to 50 AQI is the best. 51-100 AQI is also considered fine. But, sensitive people start having slight difficulty in breathing. 101 AQi is not correct. In case of 101 to 200 AQI, lung, heart and asthma patients have difficulty in breathing. The AQI of Bareilly along with many cities of UP is beyond 300. This is quite worrying. There should be 19.5 amount of oxygen in the air. Oxygen less than this is harmful for human health. In case of pollution, falling oxygen level starts having adverse effects on health.

Mosquitoes spoil your sleep due to change in weather, dengue cases increase

Due to the changing weather patterns, the outbreak of mosquitoes has also increased in the state. Fogging against mosquitoes was not done in the cities by the municipal corporations. The allegation is that it is limited only to the offices and bungalows of government officials. Due to lack of fogging in the localities and colonies of all the major cities of the state, mosquito borne diseases have increased. There is an increase in dengue cases. Due to this, there is a huge crowd of patients in hospitals. On Wednesday, the opposition attacked the government fiercely in the Assembly regarding the increasing cases of dengue.

Report- Muhammad Sajid

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