UP Weather AQI: Meerut tops in pollution, 6 districts of UP among 100 polluted cities of the world, know the weather condition

UP Weather AQI Today: The pollution situation in various cities of Uttar Pradesh continues to be worrying. There has been no improvement in air pollution anywhere since Diwali. In the morning, a blanket of fog is engulfing many cities. After this, its effect is visible for several hours. Because of this, those who have been evicted are facing many problems. Many areas of UP including NCR are under the influence of pollution. High levels of carbon monoxide are being seen in the air. Due to this, the number of patients suffering from many problems including burning sensation in eyes, difficulty in breathing is increasing. Meanwhile, the weather patterns will be seen changing. According to the Zonal Meteorological Centre, Lucknow, as the month of December approaches in Uttar Pradesh, the cold will increase. Right now the sun is shining in the afternoon. There is a slight drop in temperature during night and morning. By the beginning of December, the effect of sunlight will start reducing even during the day. According to meteorologists, a drop of one or two degrees in the minimum temperature may be seen in the coming two days. The weather will be dry on Monday. At present there is no possibility of any major change in the weather.

Weather will remain dry till 23rd November

According to Zonal Meteorological Centre, Lucknow, the weather is going to be dry in Western and Eastern UP on Monday. No alert of any kind is issued during this period. Similarly, the weather is expected to remain the same on 21, 22 and 23 November.

Many cities turned into gas chambers

If we talk about pollution in the weather of Uttar Pradesh, the air has become poisonous. Oxygen is continuously decreasing in the air here, which is quite worrying. The most polluted city in the country on Monday morning is Meerut. The air quality index (AQI) here is 390. Meerut is ranked 6th among the 100 polluted cities of the world. Noida’s AQI was 374 at 11th place, Ghaziabad’s AQI 359 at 15th place, Hapur’s 336 at 26th place, Buland city’s AQI 328 at 29th place, UP capital Lucknow’s AQI was 225. The AQI of Allahabad, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Kanpur, Agra, Pilibhit, Badaun and Bareilly is also increasing significantly. Bareilly’s AQI was 131 at 9 am, which increases during the day. It had reached 180 on Sunday night. The climate of Subhash Nagar of the city is the worst. At 9 am, the AQI here is 140, that of Civil Lines is 130, and that of Rajendra Nagar is 124.

High AQI is dangerous for lung and heart patients

AQI of almost all the districts of the state is beyond 100. This is a very serious problem. Due to this, the number of lung and heart patients is increasing. 0 to 50 AQI is fine. It has less effect on health. 51-100 AQI is also fine. But, sensitive people may have mild respiratory problems. Not good after 101. Lung, heart and asthma patients have difficulty in breathing due to AQI of 101 to 200.

Oxygen level started decreasing

Oxygen is very important for every human being. Its deficiency starts having adverse effects on health. The oxygen level of inhaled air should be 19.5 percent oxygen. Oxygen going below this level causes harm. However, the oxygen level has been decreasing for some time. This is worrisome.

Weather condition in major cities

There will be severe cold in Bareilly, UP in December. Bareilly’s minimum temperature was recorded at 13 degrees Celsius on Sunday. The minimum temperature in Meerut was 11.7 degrees Celsius, 12.0 degrees in Kanpur city, 13.4 degrees in Muzaffarnagar, 13.5 degrees in Najibabad, 13.6 degrees in Bahraich, 13.9 degrees in Shahjahanpur and 14.0 degrees in Moradabad. Along with this, the minimum temperature of Jhansi was recorded at 14.7 degrees, Ayodhya at 15.0 degrees, Fatehgarh at 15.2 degrees, Hamirpur at 15.2 degrees, Sultanpur at 15.1 degrees, Fursatganj at 15.3 degrees and Aligarh at 15.4 degrees.

Report- Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly

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