UP News: Neighbor assaulted grandmother and grandson, said ‘I will fire bullets at the wedding procession’

Agra. In Agra, a bully assaulted and abused a young man and his grandmother living in the neighbourhood. And pointed an illegal weapon at that young man’s chest. He also threatened him that if he did not give me Chauth and did not give money for liquor, then I would not allow the wedding procession to pass through my door after three days. And if the wedding procession takes place, I will open fire. On the complaint of the elderly woman, Trans Yamuna police station has registered a case against the accused Dabangg under serious sections. According to the information received from the police station, 80-year-old elderly woman Vidya Devi, resident of Sati Nagar, Chandan Nagar of Trans Yamuna area, has complained that her grandson Kuldeep is getting married on 23 November. On November 14, she was returning after purchasing essential items for the wedding of her second grandson Vishnu. Meanwhile, Dabang Dharmendra Singh alias Dhanno, who lives nearby, stopped him on the way and started asking for money for liquor.

Demanded Chauth of ₹ 20000 from an elderly woman

The woman told that Dhanno threatened her that when your grandson’s wedding procession passes by my house, he will give so many bullets that no one will be able to go ahead. The powerful man placed a gun on the chest of the young man and demanded ₹ 20,000 as Chauth from his grandmother. The accused also snatched the youth’s purse and cash. After this, when the elderly woman raised an alarm, seeing the crowd, the accused fled from the spot giving threats. According to Vidya Devi, the accused Dhanno has threatened to open fire if the wedding procession takes place in front of his house if he does not pay ₹ 20,000 before the marriage. And said that whoever he asked for Chauth has given the money. If someone does not give me Chauth, he has to suffer the consequences. Since the incident, the family of the elderly woman is in panic and they are afraid of something untoward happening in the marriage. Police station Trans Yamuna in-charge Sumanesh said that a case has been registered against the accused Dharmendra under many serious sections including robbery and Chauth recovery. And action has been initiated to search for the accused.

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