UP News: FIR will be filed against officers and employees of 25 districts in NPS scam, Director of Secondary Education sent a letter

Lucknow News: There are now preparations for big action in the case of Contributory Pension Scheme (NPS) in Uttar Pradesh. In this scam, legal action will be taken against the culprits in 25 districts of the state. For this, FIR will be registered against everyone. In this regard, the Director of Secondary Education has sent a letter to the officers of all the concerned districts. Irregularities have been revealed in the amount of deduction under NPS applicable to teachers and non-teaching staff appointed and working after April 1, 2005 in non-government aided secondary schools in the state. In this, the Director of Secondary Education has taken action against investing in other insurance companies contrary to departmental rules. He has given instructions to lodge FIR against all the guilty officers and employees. Along with this, steps will also be taken by the department in this matter. After this letter from the Director of Secondary Education, there is a situation of panic among the accused in the concerned districts. After the FIR is registered, their difficulties in police investigation are bound to increase. Crackdown will be tightened against them.

Money being deposited in other banks without the knowledge of employees

In a letter sent by the Director of Secondary Education in UP to the Divisional Joint Directors of Education, District School Inspector, Divisional Deputy Director of Education, Finance and Accounts Officer of Secondary Education, it has been said that it has been revealed from many districts that the amount deducted under NPS is not as per the departmental rules. Without the consent of the contrary and concerned personnel, the withdrawals are being deposited in other insurance banks with the connivance of the office of the Disbursement Officer.

Money not being deposited regularly

The important thing is that the amount of regular deduction of NPS related employees is not being deposited in their accounts every month. It has been said in the letter that such cases have come to light in 25 districts regarding PFM change in the Secondary Education Department during the period from April 1, 2022 to November 8, 2023. Most of these cases are in Kushinagar district.

FIR will be registered against these people

The Director of Education has asked to immediately register an FIR against the concerned officer and counter assistant and also to provide the report of disciplinary action against him to the Additional Director of Education (Secondary), Prayagraj. Divisional and district officers of 25 districts have been clearly instructed to investigate the matter and take action against the culprits. Any kind of negligence and delay will not be tolerated in this matter.

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