UP News: Farewell to Maa Durga with drums in Agra, procession for immersion of Mata gathered at Hathi Ghat.

A crowd of people gathered on Hathi Ghat Road to immerse the idols of Goddess Mata installed at various places on the occasion of Shardiya Navratri in Agra city. Due to which hundreds of vehicles were seen stuck in the jam on the road. However, the traffic police was continuously busy in clearing the jam. Taking a pledge to welcome the Mother Goddess next year and asking for the boon of fulfilling their wishes, the devotees immersed the Mother Goddess in the natural ponds created at Hathi Ghat and other places.

Idol immersion at identified places

Shardiya Navratri started on 15th October and Navami puja was done on 22nd October. In such a situation, more than 900 idols of Mother Goddess were installed at various places in Agra city. After 9 days of Shardiya Navratri, devotees immerse the idol of Mother Goddess in Yamuna river. For which, like Ganesh Chaturthi, natural ponds were created by the Municipal Corporation on the three major ghats of Agra. In which Vishram Ghat, Dussehra Ghat and Hathi Ghat are prominent. People were instructed by the police administration that the idols would be immersed only in the ponds made by the Municipal Corporation. Most of the people reach the banks of Yamuna near their house to immerse the idol of Ganapati on Ganesh Chaturthi and the idol of Mother Goddess during Navratri. But due to fear of any accident, the police administration had deployed police all around, so that no person should go to immerse the idol anywhere other than the identified ghat.

Highest number of idols immersed at Hathi Ghat

Most of the idols of the city are immersed at Hathi Ghat in Agra. The Municipal Corporation constructed two ponds here like Ganesh Chaturthi. Both these ponds were about 8 to 9 feet deep and were sloping. So that small to big idols can be immersed in it. Municipal Corporation employees remained deployed near these ponds so that no untoward incident could occur. The Municipal Corporation employees took the idols of Mother Goddess from the hands of the devotees and immersed them in the pond.

Come, the call has come, Mother has called, with shouts of Jai Mata Ki and Sherawali Maa Ki Jai, devotees are reaching Hathi Ghat from 6:00 am in the morning to immerse the idol. To deal with the jam situation at Hathi Ghat due to the idol immersion procession, traffic changes were made by the traffic police which came into effect from 4:00 pm. However, before this other vehicles were also going towards Hathi Ghat Road. In such a situation, there was a long traffic jam due to the procession. And many people had to struggle a lot to get out of the jam.

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