UP News: Agra Police recovered Rs 17 lakh in 19 days from 35000 people who broke traffic rules.

Agra. To keep the traffic system smooth in Uttar Pradesh, traffic police personnel are deployed at all the intersections of the city. Along with making the people on the road aware of the traffic rules and taking action against those who violate the traffic rules, the traffic police starts the traffic month from 1st November to 30th November. During this time, the traffic police along with social workers make people aware about the traffic rules. Besides, it also imposes mitigation fee on those who violate the rules. Under Traffic Month in Agra, from November 1 to November 19, the traffic police has so far collected a mitigation fee of about Rs 17.50 lakh and issued challan to thousands of vehicles. Agra’s DCP Traffic Arun Chandra said that Traffic Month had started from November 1. During this period, police personnel were deployed alertly at all intersections and roads. So that the people of the city do not have to face any problem in transportation. And there should be no traffic jam anywhere. In such a situation, awareness campaigns are also being run continuously under Traffic Fortnight to make people aware about traffic rules. In which the traffic police, along with social workers of the city, is making people aware of the rules. In which people are being told about the rules like wearing helmet, following red light, not traveling with three passengers, wearing seat belt etc.

Those who wrote caste related words were also punished

DCP Traffic Arun Chandra said that strict action is being taken against those who violate traffic rules in Agra. Till now, about 35.50 thousand challans have been issued by the traffic police in the district in about 19 days. And in lieu of these challans, till now a mitigation fee of about Rs 17.50 lakh has been collected from the rule breakers. In which action has been taken against those wearing helmets, seat belts, three riders, without number plates, writing caste related words on vehicles, drunk drivers and those not following traffic rules and this action is continuing. To solve traffic related problems, WhatsApp helpline number 9548524141 was issued by the Police Commissioner on November 1. After the complaint, the solution will be immediately sent to the nearest police team. The Police Commissioner himself will monitor the complaint.

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