UP Crime: Army shot 7 people in land dispute, woman died, 6 admitted to hospital in critical condition

During an altercation over installation of tin shed in the street in Mahulikhori village of Chhapia police station area in Gonda, a soldier took out a pistol and fired a volley of bullets. One woman died in the firing and seven people including the groom were seriously injured. The police are interrogating two people including the accused soldier in custody. The pistol used in the crime has been seized and forces have been deployed in the village. According to the information, the wedding procession of the neighbor’s son was to go. Preparations for the wedding ceremony were going on. The groom’s family had surrounded the house with a tarpaulin and made it a place for taking a bath. The soldier asked him to remove it. On this she had a fight with the groom’s family. The dispute escalated so much that he took out a pistol. After this, 10 to 12 rounds were fired in quick succession. In this, 7 people including the groom got shot. Everyone was immediately taken to the local community health center. Where a woman died. After this, the doctors referred the injured to Gonda District Hospital. From here, 4 people have been referred to Lucknow.

He brought a pistol from the bike and fired

Actually, it was the marriage of Amandeep (30), son of Baburam Jaiswal, resident of Pandeypurwa of Mahulikhori village. Baburam told that guests had come from far away places to attend the function. Baburam had made a tarpaulin behind the house for them to take bath. Each relative was taking bath when soldier Sitaram alias Gabbar came. He said don’t take bath here. This is my land. Along with this he asked to remove the tarpaulin, when they reached there they had an altercation with the soldier. Then abuses and scuffles started. After this the soldier went home and brought the pistol from there on the bike. As long as people try to stop him. He started firing rapidly. Soldier Sitaram alias Gabbar fired 10-12 rounds in rapid succession. My brother-in-law’s wife Kalai Devi (65) died on the spot in the firing. In the firing, groom Amandeep (30), Ramdev (50), Deepak Jaiswal (35), Pinky Jaiswal (17), Satyam Jaiswal (18), and neighbor Laxmi Yadav (12) were injured by bullets. Injured Lakshmi Yadav, Pinky, Ramdev, Deepak have been referred to Lucknow. There was chaos after the incident. Here, as soon as the news of people being shot was received, police officers reached the spot with their force.

DIG Devipatan range reached hospital

DIG Devipatan Range Amarendra Prasad Singh, who reached the district hospital to meet the injured, said that this incident took place in Mahuli Khori village. There was a marriage ceremony at Baburam Jaiswal’s place. There is a street between the houses of both the victim and the attacker. In this, the victim party has surrounded it with tarpaulin and made it for bathing. Due to which the people of the attacking side fired indiscriminately. A woman died in this. The attacking soldier did not run away after committing the crime. He was at home only. He has been arrested. The weapon used in the crime has also been recovered. The woman’s body has been taken into custody and sent for postmortem. A heavy police force including the Superintendent of Police is present at the spot. The entire matter is being investigated.

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