UP AQI Today: Toxic air outbreak in many cities of UP, Badaun-Pilibhit and Shahjahanpur most polluted

UP Air Quality Index: There is a shortage of oxygen in the air of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. But the climate of Badaun, Pilibhit, and Shahjahanpur of Bareilly division is in very bad condition. These three districts have been included in the 100 polluted cities of the world on Saturday morning. The air quality index (AQI) of Bareilly was 209 at night. However, it has come down to 146 on Saturday morning. Along with Bareilly, there is a lack of oxygen in the air of Badaun, Pilibhit, and Shahjahanpur. Due to which the climate has reached a very bad condition. It is difficult for respiratory patients here to breathe. The AQI of Civil Lines of Bareilly city is very bad. The AQI here is 182, the AQI of Rajendra Nagar is 95, and the AQI of Subhash Nagar is 162. All three AQI are very bad. Ghaziabad of UP is ranked 6th among the 100 polluted cities of the world. The AQI here was 338 on Saturday morning. Hapur is at 11th place. Hapur’s AQI is 316, Noida’s AQI is 300 at 21st place, Meerut is at 300 at 22nd place, Bulandshahr is at 25th place is 286, 45th Prayagraj at 246th place, Faizabad at 199th place, Faizabad at 78th place at 241, Gorakhpur at 51st place at 233, Aligarh at 58th place at 217, Faizabad at 59th place at 213, Muzaffarnagar at 64th place. Badaun, Pilibhit, and Shahjahanpur at 178, 85th place, Kairana at 201, 79, 80, and 82nd place. Meteorological Department officials said that due to change in weather, the climate of Bareilly and West UP. It is getting worse.

Avoid pollution like this

In view of the increasing pollution in most of the cities of Uttar Pradesh, according to doctors, if you want to protect yourself from air pollution, then using a mask in the changed weather is a better option. This may provide some relief. Apart from this, one should drink enough water. When pollution is at its peak, one should avoid roaming outside unnecessarily. Lungs are being affected the most by pollution, hence vigilance is very important. Only after taking all these measures, the diseases caused by air pollution can be controlled. Apart from this, if you want to prevent air pollution inside the house, then you will have to use chimney inside the kitchen and exhaust fan in the washroom, so that there is adequate ventilation in the house.

Know what the oxygen level should be

Oxygen is necessary for every human being. Its deficiency starts having adverse effects on health. The oxygen level of inhaled air should be 19.5 percent oxygen. Oxygen falling below this level causes harm.

Be sure to wear a mask when leaving the house

The increase in AQI is significantly affecting the health of children and the elderly. In such a situation, there is a need to take precautions while leaving the house. People may have health related problems. Doctors are advising to leave the house wearing N-95 mask. Because, the number of respiratory patients has increased significantly in Bareilly.

It should be AQI

If AQI is 0 to 50, then it is a very good thing. This has less effect on health. 51-100 AQI is also fine, but sensitive people may have mild respiratory problems. Not good after 101. Lung, heart and asthma patients have difficulty in breathing due to AQI of 101 to 200. 201-300 AQI is quite bad. Anyone living in such an environment for a long time is bound to have breathing problems. 301-400 AQI is very bad. There is a risk of respiratory disease if there is a long stay in such an environment. 401-500 AQI is the most dangerous. It has the worst effect on human health.

The increasing AQI of humans is very harmful to your health.

Increase in AQI is quite dangerous for health. Air pollution has the biggest impact on our lungs. Actually, polluted particles cause damage to the tube leading to human lungs. Due to which the tube becomes thinner and its effect falls on the lungs and the muscles around it. Air pollution can cause diseases like asthma even in healthy people. Apart from this, deadly diseases like pneumonia, asthma and lung cancer are also caused by air pollution. Due to air pollution, a disease called Nephropathy can also occur. It is directly related to the kidneys. Apart from this, there is also a risk of kidney damage due to carbon found in polluted air. The most important organ for healthy people is the heart, and apart from the lungs and kidneys, air pollution also attacks the heart. Air pollution can cause serious heart diseases. In such a situation, due to increase in air pollution, life-threatening diseases like heartbeat imbalance, heart failure and hypertension can occur. Symptoms of these problems start appearing on the body. Polluted air also affects our brain. According to doctors, polluted particles attack the brain of old people and elderly people. Due to this, they struggle to speak and face many difficulties in solving even simple mathematics problems. Contaminated air and pollution also target pregnant women. Inhaling poisonous air also affects the fetus. This creates a risk of pre-mature delivery. Apart from this, the child’s weight may remain low at the time of birth, which can lead to serious problems like malnutrition. If you are facing problems like dryness, irritation, redness and eczema in human skin, then understand that air pollution is attacking your skin. The skin can be greatly affected due to the particles present in the polluted air. Apart from air pollution, second hand smoke, radon, ultraviolet radiation, asbestos, exposure to other pollutants including some chemicals can also lead to the risk of cancer. This cancer can be fatal.

Report- Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly

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