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UP AQI Today: The air of Meerut, UP is more poisonous than Noida-Ghaziabad, people fall ill due to AQI reaching beyond 400.

UP AQI Today: The quality of weather still remains poor in many cities of Uttar Pradesh. Since Diwali, pollution has once again reached dangerous levels. There is no city in NCR where the climate is clean. An increase in polluting elements has been recorded in the air everywhere. Because of this, people are approaching doctors with many types of problems including respiratory problems. On Thursday, there was dense fog in Noida, Ghaziabad as well as many big cities in the morning. The worst situation was in Meerut, where the AQI of air reached beyond 400. In the last 24 hours, the air in the NCR cities of UP, Noida and Ghaziabad, near the national capital Delhi, has become very bad. The AQI level of Sector 62 of Noida was recorded at 362, and the air quality is in the very poor category. Noida has come to 12th place among the 100 polluted cities of the world. The AQI of air is 345 in Knowledge Park 3 of Greater Noida and the air quality index in Loni area of ​​Ghaziabad district has reached 362, which indicates that the air quality has reached very poor category. Similarly, AQI level of Fatehpur in UP was recorded 306, Kanpur 303, Faizabad and Allahabad 257, Mirzapur’s AQI level 247 and Jaunpur’s AQI level 243. Whereas Bareilly’s AQI level was recorded at 281. All these are showing the condition of extremely polluted environment.

Here is the most polluted air

If we look at the latest weather situation, according to the National Air Quality Index, the air in Ghaziabad and Noida of the state is in very bad condition, the air here is in very poor category. At the same time, Meerut district has the most polluted air. In Jaibhim Nagar here, the air pollution level crossed 400 and was recorded at 412, which shows a dangerous situation. Today the air of Meerut was the most polluted due to which there was deep fog in the morning.

Pollution situation in other big cities

Talking about the capital Lucknow, the air here too has been recorded in poor condition. The AQI of Lalbagh area here was recorded at 260. AQI level of Hapur district was recorded at 298 and AQI level of Baghpat was recorded at 381. Baghpat pollution level was recorded in very poor condition. Talking about the weather, due to change in the weather in UP, the cold is increasing. The weather becomes colder at night. A continuous decrease in temperature is being recorded.

Know what are the diseases caused by smog and pollution

Amidst air pollution, the word smog is also being discussed a lot these days. Smog is a word made up of two words. It means a mixture of smoke and mist. Pollution causes the risk of cold, difficulty in breathing, eye irritation, cough, TB, throat infection, sinus, asthma, lung related diseases, and even cancer.

Eating these things will keep your health good

According to Ayurveda experts, eat some jaggery after eating food. Jaggery purifies the blood. With this you will be protected from pollution. To protect your lungs from dust particles, you must drink a glass of warm milk daily. By putting ginger juice and mustard oil drop by drop in the nose, you will also be protected from harmful dust particles. To protect yourself from the effects of pollution, consume as much water as possible. Eat black pepper mixed with honey, the phlegm and dirt accumulated in your lungs will come out. Drinking water from carom leaves not only purifies a person’s blood but also removes the contaminants present in the body. Tulsi protects you from pollution, so drinking water from basil leaves daily will keep you healthy. Start consuming hot water instead of cold water. Taking steam is also very beneficial.

Report- Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly


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