UP AQI Today: Nature’s gift on Diwali, drizzle broke the back of pollution, got relief from poisonous air.

UP Air Quality Index: Nature is kind on the occasion of Diwali in UP and people get relief from pollution. Till a few days ago, the air quality index (AQI) remained in very poor condition in more than 24 districts including Noida, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Meerut, Hapur, Bareilly, Pilibhit, Badaun and Saharanpur. People had to face a lot of problems due to the poisonous air. People who went out in the morning approached doctors with problems including burning eyes, difficulty in breathing, but there has been an improvement in the situation after the rains in the past few days. Even on the morning of Diwali, the climate of many cities remained clear. Due to cooperation with nature, the people of UP have got relief from the suffocating air. There is a situation of great relief due to improvement in AQI. However, after the fireworks at night, there is a possibility of increase in air pollution once again. Talking about Sunday’s weather in the state, there is clear and blue sky in all the districts including Bareilly at eight in the morning. Bareilly’s AQI was 79 at 8 am on Sunday, which is much better. However, it had come down to 300 recently. The AQI of Civil Lines of the city is 78, Rajendra Nagar and Subhash Nagar is 80. The air of Bareilly, Noida, Ghaziabad, Meerut was very bad for two weeks. Due to increase in AQI here, all these districts were included in the 100 polluted cities of the world.

Meerut was at second position among 100 polluted cities of the world.

Meerut had come second among the 100 polluted cities of the world. The situation was worsening due to pollution. Before the rain, the AQI of Meerut was 463 on the morning of 9 November. However, it remained at 222 on Sunday morning. AQI of Bhiwadi, Haryana was 698. It was in first place. Now it has come down to 66th place. Hapur was at 9th place. Hapur’s AQI has decreased from 399 to 145. Ghaziabad’s AQI is 388 at 11th place, Muzaffarnagar’s AQI is 339 at 18th place, Kairana’s AQI is 336 at 21st place, Saharanpur’s AQI is 307 at 67th place, UP capital Lucknow’s AQI is 302 at 72nd place, Allahabad’s AQI is 281 at 83rd place. , Faizabad at 85th place has AQI 276, and Bulandshahr at 97th place has AQI 250. The AQI of all these cities has come down significantly.

Know how much oxygen should be there

Oxygen is very important for every human being. Its deficiency starts having adverse effects on health. The oxygen level of the inhaled air should be 19.5 percent oxygen. Oxygen falling below this level causes harm.

AQI should be this much

0 to 50 AQI is fine. It has less effect on health. 51-100 AQI is also fine. But, sensitive people may have slight breathing problems. It is not good after 101. Lung, heart and asthma patients have difficulty in breathing from 101 to 200 AQI. But now the AQI of the cities of UP is in better condition.

Government made special plan regarding pollution control

The government is worried about the increasing pollution in UP. To find a permanent solution to this, for the first time a project is being made to eliminate pollution. There is a plan to conduct research to find out the main causes of pollution in each area. Report of each area will be prepared. The Department of Science and Technology will divide pollution into different categories from villages to cities. To what extent do factors contribute to pollution and what type of pollution is there in which city? The environment departments of universities will prepare projects on this. After this, the data will be prepared using machine learning and artificial intelligence and a district-wise pollution report will be prepared, so that it can be eradicated from the root.

Report- Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly

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